20 September 2007

looking forward

if i had my camera with me, i'd take a photo of my computer monitor with a brand new accessory. a yellow post-it that claims {with my handwritten scrawl}

may 9. 2008

i'm big on scheduling. so i wanted to know. i wouldn't say this on most days, but today i am anxiously looking forward {with much excitement} for the future. i've never been one to 'count down the days' to anything besides christmas {and my birthday}. ususally i try to let it come, at it's own pace because i know time flies by {in the grand scheme of things} and soon we'll be out of this era and days will be changed, life will be different, my perspective will alter. but today the end of law school sounds mightly lovely.

ps. this post sounds like i'm in law school. ooooh no, sorry about the confusion. i'm not in law school, but my husband is. among law school student wives supporting their husbands it is an unspoken rule to deem it as 'our law school experience'. though, the credit goes completely to dan. i'll just be the one planning the party and designing the graduation announcement, he'll be the guest of honor.


O L G A said...

Dear Marta,

You don´t know me and I don´t know you.... but I´ve read a few of your posts and for some reason I´ve enjoyed it much. It is something very inspiering about your language!

Your blog is beautiful, Marta!

GOOD LUCK with your future!!

Julia said...

Congratulations on your graduation. That is so great. You should be proud of all your hard work. I just discovered your blog, but will continue to read it. I don't know how you do it and law school. Wow!

Chelsey Booth said...

Hey you, I know how you feel! what an exciting feeling to think of being completely finished with (Working your husband through) school. I was at Nordstrom the other day and this lady was literally throwing clothes at the cash wrap. No questions or second thoughts... she was getting it all, I thought to myself "Wouldn't that be nice?" then on second thought "Hey maybe I could do that in 5, 10 years" there is light at the end of the tunnel (I hope). I wish you much good luck. I am right in it with you.

Em said...

YEA! You have no idea how jealous I am of you!!

melissa deakin said...

some days may seem to last long, but that graduation date will be here in a flash!
thinking of you! :)

brandon & brittany said...

congratulations! you give me hope. my husband has three years left...in chemical engineering. :S

caroline said...

hey. when you support your hubby through three years of school it's just as much your experience as theirs. i'm with you on referring to it as 'our law school experience'

Marty: said...

I hope he'll be out of school in time to defend me.

Summers Camp said...

May 2009 for me. I mean us, and by us I mean my husband. But it has been a great experience, in all honesty. And at least it is going by pretty fast... and at least it's NOT medical school! I don't think I could take 8+ years of this. *B

love.boxes said...

almost there... congratulations!

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