23 October 2007

dreamy autumn inspiration

things i dig
(meaning, i want to remember, make, eat, dream about + look at).
here they are in no particular order.

2 straight lines leaf project
li'l hut magazine bowl
milk n' cookies apple cider donuts
marbargarbo poster pear invitation
orange beautiful cinnamon + sugar favors
aunty's new pinboards
so*sage garlands
an orange autumn card template
tempting cottam magic bars
5 and a half mural journal


Unknown said...

ooh, make the bars, marta! you'll love them!

Kelly said...

wow, these are great! how amazing is that pear invitation! -kb

EliseBlaha said...

such amazing links.

judithe & francine said...

Ooh, great links! Love the invites, and I just ate apple cider donuts at an apple orchard this Sunday. ;) YUM.

Ann said...

Thanks for sharing such great, inspirational projects! It would be so fun to have you as a neighbor.

{natalie} said...

i am going to try those doughnuts as soon as i get a pan!! they look so good. we just made a different recipe last night, but these look so delicious! thanks for all the cool links!

patricia zapata said...

what a great list. thank you for including me!

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