08 October 2007

glamour shots

Photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue US August 2007

{all these fall colors and geometric shapes have me swooning.}

am running around, tying up loose ended projects, emailing contacts, packing up, sending off orders + swaps, and attempting last minute crafting before i head out for a trip back east. am looking forward to some down time and a switch from my average everyday martaness. it's nice to visit another place and live another life for a bit. it's good to step back and see a new perspective once in awhile. when you step out of it, you start to see the things you may not see in the every day hustle + bustle. you realize all the little details that create your own life. and you appreciate them even more.


Jake said...

the top photo is you and the bottom one is me and yes, you will definitely see a new perspective around here, all right...and some nudity too.

laura tj said...

great fashion photography! enjoy your trip :)

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