05 October 2007

in his realm

my dad is an unbelievable influence on my life. everything that is good in me came from he and my mom. today we're celebrating him. happy birthday, dad. i cannot say enough good about you.. so i'll begin with ten.

10 things i admire
01. dad is a very simple person. humility & goodness run in his veins.
02. dad finds the best in others, especially his kids. he makes us feel individually special, like we're all the favorites. when he requests a special collage or book design from me, i feel over the moon important and oh so happy.
03. dad taught me that love is in the details. he would warm up my 1982 toyota camry & make me honey butter toast on frosty mornings when i was rushing to high school. every time he goes to a fancy place, he would leave the matchbook and the business card on my dresser. he knows me and knows that i adore ephemera. now that i am grown and married he drops by with random surprises; fresh ripe cherries, warm bread, or a whole bunch of boxes the day he knew we were packing up for california.
04. dad sat with me for hours teaching me about the civil war among many other historical events. he taught me about ho chi minh city, anne frank, and lawrence of arabia. he is a historian by profession and truly understands what it means to make a big difference, even if you're just a small person.
05. dad never fails to remember what is happening in my daily life and inquire; so thoughtful, generous and caring.
06. i have inherited his intrigue for reading, along with his adoration for a well-designed book, his love for hearing stories, {and am hoping to inherit his sense of storytelling someday too}, his springtime allergies, his passion for travel, and his feet (which dan lovingly calls hobbitesque).
07. dad teaches by quiet example. which speaks louder than words.
08. dad is an adventurer. one who would sell most of his belongings to afford to move and finish his degree in york, england (with seven kids and wife in tow).
09. dad originated all of my very favorite snacks: a dollop of peanut butter on a shiny silver spoon with a ripe yellow banana. strawberry jelly on toast with a slice of Havarti cheese on top (the way the Europeans eat it). cold Squirt in a tall glass with ice and a bendy straw. yogurt sprinkled with homemade granola. popcorn on a late night in front of a classic movie.
10. he taught me to love life. to make the most of it. to stick it out. to do my best. to give it my all. to be a fighter and a lover. to be different. to be myself. to be cheerful. to be optimistic. to be courageous. to be gentle. to love. to be humble. to do the right thing. to be genuine. to give of my heart.

my dad has given me the same gift every day of my life. he makes me feel like i matter. thank you dad, hooray for your celebration day.

i wouldn't be me if there were no you.
happy birthday. xo.


Fiona said...

hi, i'm a new visitor to your blog. i can't help but to stop by and leave a message. this is so beautiful and touching (in a very lovely, cheery way)... thanks for making my day (actually it's the night here =D). i prob should pick up the phone and call my dad now...

glad to have stumbled upon your blog.

gab said...

soooo sweet! aren't we blessed?

Kelly said...

happy birthday uncle dee!

Anonymous said...

I inherited the hobbit feet.

Megan said...

I have so many tears flowing; this was just wonderful. It's a good reminder for what matters.

tiffany said...

What a beautiful tribute. Your dad sounds truly amazing.

Marty: said...

You've said it all beautifully. Sorry you didn't get my feet.

Laura said...

how lovely, marta. you are one lucky girl:)

Nimmy said...

Marta, this was so sweet. You've described dad so well. Happy Birthday Dad!

love.boxes said...

What a truly beautiful tribute. I would give anything if my daughter would say those things about me someday.

Design Addict said...

Absolutely beautiful Marta! You have me thinking about all the things I love about my dad. Also, though I've never met you in person, I think you are a wonderful storyteller. Your writing is eloquent and simple in the best possible way. It is honest and real so I imagine that when you tell a story in person, it is much the same.

Joslyn said...

This is so amazingly beautiful...as my husband and i are in the thick of raising two little girls, it made me stop and think about the little things that we do that they'll hopefully remember and reflect on when they grow into young women. Marta, your very lucky to have a great father...but i would also say he's quite lucky to have an eloquent and appreciative daughter!

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