14 October 2007

leafing through a saturday afternoon

it is a perfect autumn day in pennsylvania.

+ colored leaves on the lawn
+ various bikes on the driveway
+ cute kids pulling wagons
+ shining sun warming our sweatered torsos
+ crisp air pinching our cheeks
+ pudgy pumpkins scattered about
+ fluffy clouds bouncing on blue
+ windy roads leading to hillside farms
+ narrow pathways leading to carnivals

it feels to good to be true, like an october calendar scene in a schoolhouse classroom. we're off to enjoy the height of the season.


Travelin'Oma said...

Who are you calling a pudgy pumpkin? Your word pictures are perfect.

Traci said...

I love Pa. Lived there for 3 years while my hubby attended law school. Definately a fun place to visit too!

laura crow miller said...

sounds so lovely....

Michelle said...

That really sounds beautiful.

Catherine said...

You describe everything so wonderfully, I can picture it so clearly.

karla said...

Your pictures and words are perfect - thanks for sharing your vacation with us!

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