31 October 2007

next year i am going to be a dancing queen.

halloween is.
01. a pancake brunch at work. {my pancakes were supposed to look like pumpkins. but they turned out more like blobby goblins and deranged monsters. still tasty and fluffy. with coconut, chocolate chips, bananas and syrup.. you really can't go wrong.}
02. meeting optimus prime.. live in person. he even had the voice.
03. sparkle makeup and biker chick tattoos drawn by my professional artist, dan.
04. a jack-o-lantern bucket full of big sized treats for all the kids i work with.
05. mailing off custom orders. monogram notecards, mini diaries and new tiny gift cards. i absolutely love it when clients give me full artistic freedom. wow. though i still worry.. {i hope you like 'em!} wait, the post office is open today. right?!
06. hoping to bundle up with hot cider and a good movie tonight.
07. wishing for little munchkins to knock on our door in their crazy getups.
08. seeing strangers dressed up walking through professional buildings and attempting to transact real business. i love it. {except for mr. scary IT clown who was holding an axe while scaring everyone off the sidewalk. but dorothy strutting her sparkly ruby wedges and her tiny toto into the bank made me smile.}
09. wondering how long i can keep my non-carved pumpkins out on my porch...
10. dressing up and living a day in someone else's shoes.

note to self: write down all the costume ideas that suddenly pour in my head the second Halloween is actually here. i will forget them and will wonder next october 30th at approximately ten thirty pm what in the world should i be?

happy halloween, ghouls. xo.


Robin said...

Love your list.
I agree, I need to write down costume ideas now while they're fresh in my mind, then be all set for next year. Although it looks like YOU pulled a completely awesome one together in a pinch!

Travelin'Oma said...

I just jotted all the Halloween ideas (that came to me late tonight) into my day-planner on Oct 1, 2008. That way when I flip it open next year...voila!

all over the map said...

Hot cider and a movie. Sounds like my sort of evening.

I bet all of the goodies you create are just delightful. I'd have no problem giving you creative freedom. Can I just say again how lovely your blog is? I just want to eat up all your "groovy" ideas. I love your style girlie.


Catherine said...

Halloween sounds so lovely and exciting! I love your list, the idea of people walking around all dressed up in costume doing everyday things is brilliant!

Jake said...

Happy Haunts! Please post the pancake recipe...

martha corinna said...

Great list.
That is the best part of Halloween, being able for one day to dress as someone other then yourself and take a walk in their shoes.

Anonymous said...

Yay for fall! Ooh, and I hope no. 5 on your list includes my tags...I can't wait to get my hands on those pretties.

love.boxes said...

This photo reminds me of seeing Xanadu while I was in NYC. Don't miss it.. it's hilarious, but I have to say when the hundred of disco balls come down in the end.. I just thought it was so beautiful. Now you can laugh at me, but I really, really did. I was just pretty.

PS..I think number 10 sounds very intersting too.

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