21 November 2007

weekend recap

completed {have conquered}

this weekend i enjoyed a boiling bowl full of foreign cuisine, shared among friends, with such delectables as floating fresh shrimp with their legs and eyes still attached. was a little shocked. attempted to play cool. i have never seen raw shrimp before and was proud of myself that once he turned pink, after beheading it and all, i could swallow the little guy. it was a bit of an upclose + personal experience and another moment that made me say to myself, i could never go on fear factor. let's just say, i am such a good sport.

to my delight, we washed it down with a dessert stop at Cocoa Caffe. my favorite place to settle in. their cocoa is imported from italy and is as thick and rich as a pretty cup o' pudding. if you are a local, you must go. walk right in, take a swanky seat next to the fireplace and play a cool game of chutes + ladders while sipping a pure chocolate cloud.

afterwards, we conquered seven speed UNO rounds in a row up until the wee hours. i didn't even win once. this, i'm not proud of. at least i served cute treats. including the itty bitty peanut butter cups that i brought all the way from Trader Joe's in PA. i've been saving them for a special occasion or a killer batch of cookies. dan decided to bust them out, in honor of UNO. yes, he won. again and again. what can i say, he's terribly talented.

sunday, i was thrilled to have a front row ticket (made of blue construction paper) to see my sweet nieces and nephew perform a play that the eldest, at ten years old, had conjured up about the story of a garden. the cousins made up the cast and she was the director. it was even complete with costumes: wings for the Birds, raindrops strung to a cloud cap for Rain, a bright yellow crown for the Sun and petals for the Flowers. orchestrated beautifully, the audience was pleasantly wowed by the imaginative performance in a quiet basement of suburbia.

the monday addition: i hurried home last night to make dinner and rice crispy treats for a bit of a Bachelor finale party. i know, i know, it's shameful. that show is completely despicable. i can't believe cheesy, silly, lame shows like that exist in this day and age. and that people are actually running home to watch shows like that. or serve rice crispy treats during the commercials. it's a disgrace. {and then i came to work today and discussed the results for about 45 minutes.} yeah, it was a good one. oooh, that show is so dumb. let's agree, it is complete pish/posh. i am so banning it from my tv.

until next season.


love.boxes said...

How fun to see a homemade production complete with costumes. I used to do that with my friends when I was little and I love it if anyone would watch for 5 min. even. :)

allison said...

your chocolate fetish made me hungry. i LOVE trader joes pb cups. i also LOVE thick hot chocolate. i call it chocolate soup. i should ban both from my life like the bachelor, but unfortunately i'm in love with both.

Marty said...

I've got to get a cocoa fix soon. I've been waiting for a cool fall day and they might be here this week!

Angie said...

Gosh, we haven't played UNO in years. I think I know what we are doing at Thanksgiving!

a. said...

LOVE Cocoa Caffe! It is definitely a must. The cocoa is divine, the atmosphere is perfect, and by golly, it's always a memory.

Marci said...

I am gald to see that I am not the only one who lives with The Bachelor shame. I know its bad tv but I keep coming back every season.

amber said...

you're not alone, even my husband gears up for a night of The Bachelor (sad, but true). Can you BELIEVE that ending? Argghh.

Becky said...

Hi, I'm a stalker of yours (Sorry?). anyway, I'm so running as fast to Cocoa Cafe, never heard of it and live PD close! Thanks.
As for the Bachelor, you'll have to join our underground, closet if you will, group of Bachelor junkies! See you in Feb!

Dansie Family said...

i enjoyed watching the after-bachelor show with you. it's fun to share a silly show with friends. thanks for the fun conversation about the reality of the show.

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