06 November 2007

random + extra fabulous top ten

01. a holiday ornament swap by freshlyblended
02. give what YOU want swap by emily
03. the {simply breakfast} book! by jen
04. ginormous balloons {+ other essentials} in jordan's sweet shop
05. this pretty page by treats + treasures
06. holiday knits postage stamps
07. fall colors + gold shoes by KP
08. books that caught my eye + on my wish list by Ace Jet
09. creative fabulousness by lottie frank
10. glorious books made by hand by sarah

am thankful for inspiration via the blog.
will be introducing some new + oh so exciting things this coming week..


martha corinna said...

Marta, as a sort of non-practicing graphic designer (except for Christmas and my children's births), I love reading your blog. It's beautiful, so much creativity.

Anonymous said...

you really do have the best links. thanks for the swap info.

Anonymous said...

Wowie..thanks for the inspiring links Marta! I especially love Ace Jet!

Robin said...

Yes! The simply breakfast book is brilliant!

Catherine said...

That sure is a fabulous top ten!

Sarah said...

Aw thanks Marta, soon you will have your own real life ones! And thanks for the swap links, am very tempted... :)

all over the map said...

So many lovely treats. You always share really *delicious* finds. Thanks.

Ann said...

thanks for introducing me to those paul arden books!

Lucy said...

thanks for adding me into your fabulous top ten! much appreciated. I love your blog by the way!

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