14 November 2007

thoughts on this. that. and the other.

i used to do this in my journal and list out all the things in my head. i have this thing. i begin to feel sorry that i haven't written for what seems like ages. my insides begin cramming moments in like a junk drawer, attempting to remember so many things to detail in my diary. so many memories to remember, so many things not to forget. this is how i am feeling. there is so much to say. with such little time to say it. so here goes. i'll just release it onto the page and perhaps detail them in later. for now i just have to let words spill.

01. just plain happiness. such nice comments make me blush. love bloggers.
02. dan in real life. best movie. best. best. best. adore dan. and my own real dan in real life. movies make me so happy. especially ones that don't disappoint. can't wait to see miss keri russell in her new flick.
03. mexican food. flautas, rootbeer, tamales and hot salsa. date nights are good.
04. the steve + barry's experience. as underwhelming as it may have been, it still deserves a review. so excited for urban to open tomorrow. the stocking stuffer ideas are brewing.
05. oprah magazines. you know you are overprogrammed when the new issue arrives and you have yet to actually read the last one. this is why the save a magazine program is well enforced in my home.
06. taking books to press. so satisfying. as dan and i always say, when it rains it pours. it seems like whenever i've had a big deadline (the kind where 100+ books must be finalized and printed and ready and packed and sorted and to the binder shop in 48 hours), i also find myself immersed in other big projects whereas a crunch period of time must exist. sure, they may be self-induced, but still, they all land in the same week/day/moment. {does this happen to everyone? does your calendar get as manic as mine sometimes? please tell me i am not alone in this.}
06.5. in my life, i have come to the conclusion that things don't often s p r e a d themselves out. they come in big bursts. which in reality, i get super excited about. big bursts of ideas are the best. because energy comes in bursts too. so, as long as they match up, i'm golden. thanks to my dream team giving me steam, i feel like i can do anything.
07. i still call the Enter button on my keyboard Return. have been told that Return is no longer it's proper name. is there any truth to this? has the phrase, the return key died? how can i be in this industry and not know this? am i that out of it?
08. babysat my adorable nieces last night. i think i was laughing with delight the entire time. the way their animated voices begin every story with.. 'aunt min, guess what!!!?!' i remembered what it's like to stretch my imagination outside of the box and into the sky. we told make believe stories and played pretend. we baked 152 fluffy pink swirled cupcakes, 48 rainbow sugar cookies and 27 violet rice krispy treats. all in one night. jessi held the small wooden dollhouse ladder up to her ear and took phone orders for Betsy's Bakery. i was the demanding customer with a thing for pastel confections and a coin purse full of Barbie combs and tiny high heels for payment. i guess paying with plastic works in the pretend world too.

love life. am trying to practice what i preach and jot in the details.


alyson. said...

oh girl, I still use "return", as in soft return. my keyboard says return.

I think "enter" died.

The UnMighty said...

My enter/return key says both enter and return. But return is written bigger. So all those "enter" advocates can return to Hell where they came from.

Celia Fae said...

I love this off the top of the head list. I feel like I've been inside your brain.

Kim said...

I am a computer teacher and always slip out with the "then hit return"... For some reason it cracks me up to see my students' faces in complete bewilderment. "Oh yeah, the ENTER key" It will forever be the return key to me.

Lindy said...

Return has NOT died. I have a fresh new iMac, and there on that key is 'return'. No Enter to be found.

Love your thoughts! And I loved Dan in Real Life too…I was totally cheering for him (and how hilarious was the 3 little pigs song?)

Megan said...

Yep, on my mac keyboard it says "return" on there. I have an enter key on the calculator portion though...hmmm.
I loved your number 08 and playing with the kids. It's so much fun. I used to work with kids, and one little girl (age 5) came up to me and said "Miss Megan! Guess what?! When I get big? (she always sounded like each statement was a question) I'm going to work at the mall? And then, on my break? i can go see Santa Claus and tell him what I want for Christmas!" I told her I was glad she was thinking ahead and that sounded like a clever use of her break time. :)

Kristi said...

Aww, I loved Dan in Real Life, too. Even though he was a Murderer of Love...How great was that movie?

I love your enthusiasm for life!!

100 Percent Cottam said...

i must agree. dan in real life is such a keeper. it makes me want to get busy making a HUGE fam' for myself so that we can go to the cabin for crossword contests and such. also, flautas were on the menu for dinner tonight. mmm. steve & barry's is an anticlimatic experience, isn't it? yet i'm craving another shopping trip...it's a couple of hours from me. i also love me some O Magazine, although i'm not an oprah fan in other areas of the media. here's to being busy! that's how you know life is good. think how bored you'd be if you weren't busy!

EliseBlaha said...

number 6.5 is the story of my life.

and q for you...

would you like to be my pen pal?

Design Addict said...

as always, thank you so much for your exquisite honesty. when life gets hectic it's nice to step back and be grateful for all the wonderful little things.

also, you are most certainly not alone (no. 06)..i feel that way often, and as far as i'm concerned, it's still the "return" key. they can rename it all they want, most people still call it "return".

also, i too, loved dan in real life. it's a wonderful, sweet movie and i was so glad the ending was what i hoped it would be.

Barb McMahon said...

No. 6 - In our house, when things get that busy, we say that life is clumping up. Which it does often. Which it's doing now.

I love reading your blog!

cheeky said...

I *heart* your list. I feel the same way. I get completely inundated with ideas, thoughts and I want to get them all out, sort them and see it all on paper but I don't write it out! Bad me. I think I'll follow suit and just do it. Forget about being to organized, etc.
I'm looking at my *return* key, yep it says return but it also says enter. *return* letters are larger than the *enter* ones; does that mean anything? I use a macbook pro and it's just over a year old so no way is the term archaic or died.

melissa deakin said...

you are my inspiration.

caroline said...

it's called the enter button now? where was i. as i sat and read that i had to look down and there it was? huh. never knew that.

anyhow, i also made it to the steve + barry's experience. it was good. wasn't too thrilled with the womens clothes, since what i wanted wasn't there, but i did like the mens selection.

Megs said...

Beginning with a gasp... Then, "I accidentally hit the return button" LOL Gets me every time! Never change! :)

marty said...

We're playing "Squeaky Voice" here. The Aunt Min games live on.

brooke said...

Dan in Real Life IS the best movie ever. Loved loved loved it.

Laura/DaPFG said...

heee. i loved this post ;)

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