01 December 2007

advent calendar inspiration

today's the day. it's not too late. whip up something darling for you & your darlings to begin the countdown.

00. unwrap favorite christmas storybooks by melissa
01. so sweet and fun, a candyland christmas by amy
02. kids can make a simple loopy chain with christmas paperie.
03. fabulous felt pockets by all sorts
04. holiday fortunes printed on little papers in a pretty hurricane.
05. envelope extraordinare strung with care by andrea. via
06. hidden trinkets around the house for 24 days of holiday hunts.
07. completely cookie sheet cute by teresa
08. and the envelope goes to.. by kiddley
09. branching out christmas advent on flickr
10. stock up on the advent goodies on etsy.
bonus: tons of ideas to whip up. via

the classic cardboard advent filled with 25 stale chocolates is still a merry memory for me. call me silly, but i love cracking open those tiny cardboard doors each day to find another holiday shaped confection. whatever method you and your children may choose. here goes. let the counting begin.


Travelin'Oma said...

As always you have a great collection of ideas. I love the Christmas storybooks by Melissa. The perfect go to bed activity!!

allison said...

my childhood advent calendar held a christmas ornament for each day. i might have to make one for my future home...

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