24 December 2007

fa la la la la.. la la la la.

crafting up final bits of christmas mischief.
working half day to wrap up last minute biz.
snacking on sweets & savories.
surprising friends with gifts on doorsteps.
spending time together with family.
watching movies and wrapping caramels.
lighting candles and reading stories.
opening one gift in the moonlight.
bundling up for a long winter's nap.
remembering the holy night so long ago.
appreciating her courage and strength.
thinking of his thoughtful care.
knowing the greatness that baby would bring.
loving the reasons for the season.

merry christmas. may all your troubles be out of sight and the magic embrace you n' yours tonight. wishing you peace, happiness & love this special holiday.


One Love Photo said...

So sweet! Thanks for your lovely words! Happy Holidays!

melissa deakin said...

merry christmas, my friend.
love your words today.
thinking of you...

{natalie} said...

merry christmas marta! you always say things so well. hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Jake said...

merry christmas sweet min! love you and wish you guys a great day!!

Unknown said...

merry, merry christmas, marta!

laura tj said...

merry christmas and have a nice holiday!

Casey Lewis said...

Such a lovely holiday post! Merry Christmas!

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