05 December 2007

goody gumdrops

  • am in love with her style. peter pan collars are my fave.
  • a unique and delicious idea for tags (for all my tree hugging friends)
  • wanting to buy this print. for myself and everyone else i know.
  • swooning for these gorgeous handmade books. you had me at linen thread and [wax] seal closure.
  • digging these sketch book bags and dainty labels.
  • happy about this jazzy new-to-me blog.
  • this one is as pretty as a glossy magazine.
  • desiring this font for upcoming vintage valentines.
  • this guy kills me. i love reading his rants.
  • am loving whimsical forest photography

Denise Grunstein

ps. don't forget to leave your shoes out for st. nicholas who will fill them up with goodies (and hopefully gumdrops) tonight. tomorrow is st. nicholas day!


melissa deakin said...

love all these goodies you linked too.
i fell in love with that font too in my most fonts newsletter.

love.boxes said...

all fun!!!

Travelin'Oma said...

I love the Valentine's Day font. Is it time to make Valentine's already??

Pina said...

Happy St. Nicholas day! I hope that you have received some goodies in your shoe. :)

laura tj said...

great links and i just fall in love with those photos!!!

the mama monster said...

so nice! marta i love all your lovely posts.

all over the map said...

always love your linky love but i'm really lovin' the title "goody gumdrops". makes me feel like a child just saying that. "goody gumdrops, goody gumdrops" lol

Abigail said...

My goodness that photography is magical! A delightful link.

I went to a small college in Ohio; every St. Nicholas eve we'd line shoes up outside our dorm rooms and the Resident Assistants' would put candy in the shoes. I'd never known that as a tradition 'till then.

Of course a few resourceful individuals would try to put multiple shoes out in front of their doors...

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