19 December 2007

grey winter

it's raining today. it's grey all over with a teeny bit of sun. am beginning to get very much in the spirit of things. am planning on scotch taping and polka dotting my presents tonight while dan is out n' about. love to get all wrapped up in wrapping gifts.

a spring in every fashionable step.

talk about chivalry.

this is what all date nights should be like.

pretty perfect in plaid.

my favorites from the collection of photography by richard avedon


Sara Christine said...

"Woman in the Mirror" is one of my very favorite books. "Dovima with the Elephants" might be my favorite photograph of all time...though there are many photos in the world, so who can choose just one! Enjoy wrapping gifts. Happy Holidays!

Jordan & Jandee said...

Hi Marta, I stumbled across your blog while I was blog hopping and was just blown away by your wonderful taste & creativity.... I love your little shop....just thought I'd say hello & Happy Holidays! Jandee (jordanandjandee.blogspot.com is my blog)

AnastasiaC said...

oh wow...beautiful images!

Marty said...

I love a guy in a kilt.

chelle said...

how did you know I'd need some wrapping love at 11:49 pm?

and those photos are just exquisite.

Julie said...

Your gray pictures on a gray day gave me a charge of spirit - lightness and brightness of hope. Cool.

perfect bound said...

The classics are always flattering, be it photos or footware. (Those shoes are killer!)

One Love Photo said...

Top photo is a classic one of my favorites! When I use to teach photography I would use it in my slideshow as an example of movement. It was fun to look through this vintage selection!

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