04 December 2007

no. 04

dining while dan studies for finals and i contemplate decorating. i decide to sit and sip my supper with a few winter guests, claire + mcdreamy.

instyle. december 07 issue
soup. campbell's chicken noodle
bread. a fresh french loaf delivered by my mother-in-law.
dishes. what i like to call the heirloom collection from my grandma june {which i choose to use everyday rather then wrapping them up in linens and tucking them into my hope chest. hoping to get a glimpse of her in my daily life rather than limiting the memories of her to only special occasions}.



Jessica said...

Your countdown is just plain cool.

Kris said...

Using Grandma June's dishes is what I would do too. Even if you break them all you will still have lots and lots of memories with the dishes in them!

Jake said...

I love that you use Grama's dishes. I just had a warm fuzzy when I clicked and saw them!

melissa deakin said...

i just love this series you are doing.
i can't wait to visit your blog each day and see the latest installment.
i love what you wrote about your grandma june.
you always make me smile!

love.boxes said...

Those dishes are so lovely!

kelly said...

i remember many meals eaten from those very plates.

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