11 December 2007

no. 11

last saturday morning, after fresh snow had fallen friday night, dan and i went snowshoeing without snowshoes. i didn't realize our saturday tradition of walking 'round our favorite loop would venture into the winter months. but i should have known, married to a guy who is a wee bit enamored with snow. i don't know any other guy who is so excited to put boots and a shovel in the trunk, in case he happens upon an incident in need of a rescue. he even said the other day, every guy in north america should own a good pair of sorels. so when we landed in this neighborhood park without a footprint in sight, i couldn't resist. luckily i had come prepared, wearing my complete arctic gear. if i miss a layer, i end up completely miz (aka miserable from the get-go). therefore i believe in bundling up. which includes:
  • opaque {brown} tights. the secret ingredient for maximum warmth.
  • black yoga leggings. these get soggy, but dry fast.
  • thick socks. do inevitably get wet.
  • montrail waterproof hiking shoes. a must for heavy snow.
  • long sleeve fitted soft shirt. for comfort.
  • waffle weave thermal hoodie. for immediate coziness.
  • patagonia fleece. for extra warmth.
  • orange rei windbreaker. to keep out the chill.
  • dan's wool hat, $1 aisle striped gloves + paul frank scarf. for survival.
play hard. have fun. 


Travelin'Oma said...

You guys have the knack for fun!

Jessica said...

So jealous! All we've got is drizzle and fog. Doesn't really entice me to roll around on the ground, ha.

Anonymous said...

beautiful! I'm living vicariously through your pics here in sunny phoenix, az. Although we are getting some snow up north today... so, it may warrant a weekend drive. I'll have to bust out my Montrails as well! Only worn a few times, but they nearly always guarantee a fun + nature-filled extravaganza. Thanks for the motivation!

melissa deakin said...

i LOVE this photo and i love your list of cloting...i never thought of the tights as a first layer...may need to try that for the hockey rink!

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