17 December 2007

no. 17

01. bake your favorite brownies in mini muffin tins.

02. let them cool while you smash candy canes into oblivion.

03. frost dainty brownie bites with dollops of cream cheese frosting.

04. sprinkle peppermint candy cane bits on top.

05. wrap up and take to a festive party.


mary plus vince said...

i love your count down... it's so fun!

and those look de-lish!!!

melissa deakin said...

these sound amazing!

Holly O. said...

Wow. Those sound divine!

love.boxes said...

What a fabulous idea!!!

{natalie} said...

yum, those sound great. i think i'll bake some for our christmas party on sat.

joslyn said...

love this idea! i will have to give it a try. thanks

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