18 December 2007

stocking stuffers for him

to complete my li'l his & her guide, i give you my version of filling his stocking. it's pretty much the same every year, so i doubt i'm spoiling anything.

01. beef jerky. my guy loves this stuff and we hardly ever have it in the house, so once a year to find it in his sock is pretty much bliss.

02. Road & Track, Guns & Ammo or Powder magazine rolled into a scroll and tied with twine. thus continuing our ongoing, silent battle as to which magazines get to be on display atop the coffee table; his or mine.

03. a wee glass bottle of Orangina pop. boys love fizz.

04. festive trinkets like Bazooka bubble gum, PEZ candy, key rings or mix tapes that have been in his glove compartment for seven years and he's forgotten all about them. these things bring a youthful grin. {i'd give him Garbage Pail Kid collector cards if i could find them.}

05. a gift card to starbucks for hot cocoa, itunes for music, REI for gear. homemade coupons are always a hit too. especially because they usually get lost before he redeems them, therefore i get all the glory without any of the guts.

06. oranges, pulled taffy, candy canes. simple treats that makes him feel like he's living on a farm in the middle of nowhere.

07. matchbooks or a fancy silver zippo lighter. boys love to light things on fire.

08. a fabulous CD that he'll immediately pop into the player. just be sure to choose something you'll both enjoy listening to for the rest of the day. on repeat.

09. a pack of razors. this is your chance to spoil him; give him more than just a twin blade.

10. a sweet handwritten note. since stockings are usually the first things to be opened, this is your moment to tell him why you love him, why you can't be without him, and why christmas is so much more merrier with him by your side. boys love to get a li'l mushy.

any other classics you know your favorite mister would enjoy?


bedelia said...

I had a friend who use to get those Garbage Pail kids cards. As of about 3 years ago they had them at the 7-11 near DI in Provo. Its off of 1230 N/ Bulldog/Columbia...the road is like 3 names sorry. I think it is columbia though at the 7-11.

bedelia said...

I know it was 3 years ago but really, I thought these things went out in the 80's so I thought 3 years ago was fairly recent considering the 20 year span.

deidra said...

My husband was so excited to find Garbage Pail Kids at our local Sports Authority (Huh?) a year or two ago.
He gave them to our bro-in-law, who loved them. I didn't get the whole appeal, I guess I'm too young for that. They were near the check-out. Keep your eyes open at strange places and they just might show up!

Jessica said...

Batteries are a good stocking stuffer for boys (old and young)...batteries for all their electronic gizmos.

Jessica said...

Haribos Golden Bear Gummi Bears must be in the stocking. Not just his, but mine, and my bros, and my sis-in-law's, ha.

Microfiber clothes are useful for gadget lovers.

This year he'll get a small bottle of fancy whiskey.

brooke said...

Car wash coupons, chapstick, his favorite collar-stays from Nordstrom (they're free but he always runs out and needs more) Cafe rio gift cards, and cliff bars.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Most 7-11s in Holladay have Garbage pal kids. or you can buy them from the Topps website.

One Love Photo said...

YES! I am now inspired to surprise my special one with a special stocking. We have become rather practical with our gift giving in recent years. No big surprises, good thoughtful needed gifts but no big surprises. So this year Jon will get a stocking surprise!
With Cuttlefish (yuck) instead of beef jerky.

Jill said...

wonderful wonderful ideas, thanks marta

gab said...

fireworks leftover from july...good to light on new years!

Mique said...

Hey Marta,
I too loved your idea for Garbage Pail kids...totally had forgotten all about them. So I went to ebay and found one for each of my family members to add to their tags for their gifts. And one for my JumpShot Josh for his stocking. I found one for Dan too:
Just in case you want to check it out.
Thanks for the good ideas as always!

Marty said...

Add a tiny little bell that will make it all jingle.

chelle said...

my boy gets beef jerkey, kippered snacks, pickled herring or smoked salmon in his stocking...guess you could call it the meat lovers special...and so man-ly!

oh and the most important item, a nice big pack of wrigley' gum, to cover-up the fish breath of course.

Anonymous said...

My D. always gets a pair (or two) of socks. It seems he eats them! And shower gel.


love.boxes said...

My sweetheart really likes some nice citrusy smelling soap and loofa. I love everyones ideas. I've been so stumped it's almost like a Christmas support group around here. I always know what to get the girls, but my husband doesn't give ideas.. he just says that he has everything and gives me a kiss which is super nice, but doesn't help me get stuff under the tree. :)

Tonia Conger said...

A new case for his iPod, a 2008 calendar, ski passes, a new book, a headlamp. There seems to be a lot of fun small-scale gifts for boys. Oh, and always a new toothbrush.

Alyssa Coberly said...

this year i got my hubby the funniest bandaids ... bacon and egg shaped from urban outfitters ... and a few other goodies - then i put a note in the very bottom (on the orange of course) with a clue to his first christmas present

oh and a funny one is to put some victoria secret something in there - its cute to see his face when he pulls it out among the reeses.

Brad & Kath said...

I'm so inspired! Thank you, thank you for this post! What a wonderful idea.

Kris said...

I actually got some nice moustache trimming shears and some moustache wax for all his grooming needs

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