13 December 2007

stocking stuffers for you and her

meaning, you may want to get these ditties ahead of time to create your own merrymaking essentials kit. there is nothing wrong with dolling up via the drugstore.

01. Really Really Red Nail Polish : Nichole by OPI (now, this is coming from a girl who never paints her fingernails anything but clear top coat. but now that i've officially gone brunette, i have to punch it up a few notches. being bold, i tried a few reds, painting tiny swatches on my grocery list. i found that all the others had a touch of pink in them. this one really really is true christmas red.)

02. sparkly bobbypins. to add a little glitz to your favorite cardigan-and-jeans look.

03. swirly spiral paperclips. a favorite thing to add a special touch to your paperie. if i lived in new york city, and had a doorman, i might just paper clip his tip onto a li'l monogrammed note this holiday.

04. nestle chocolate chips. baking goods are on sale this month, so remember to stock up. especially for that big batch of cookies you have to remember to take to the Neighborhood Nativity. this one is a must for my husband too.. but the boy list will come later.

05. lip gloss. my new favorite is Maybelline Shinylicious in pink sorbet. every time i bust it out at work, my cute friend says... 'oooh, do you mind if i have some of that?' she is a sucker for shinylicious smackers. so am i.

06. a handful of clementines. oranges for him, clementine cuties for her. juicy goodness.

07. gossip mags. even the most prim + proper ladies i know love to get the inside scoop. grab a pack of Bubblicious Bubble gum while you're standing in line at the check out counter. you'll make her feel like a teen again.

08. lint roller, hand sanitizer, deck of cards, etc. little essentials make the world go 'round.

09. usb flash drive. not always cute, but this will possibly become her new best friend. so useful. so helpful. so practical. so pocket-perfect.

10. a big bag of m&m's. for filling dainty bowls upon unexpected guest's arrival.

any more come to mind? what are the cheap thrills you prefer santa to stuff in your stocking?


alyson. said...

you're full of great ideas missy. I love these. {and they sound just about right for my cousin who I was fretting about what to get!}

Anonymous said...

I can't remember how I found your blog, but I want your stocking! Also, I want your winter boots. Are those your boots in your 5x7 print? If so, would you mind telling me the brand? They are PERFECT!

marta said...

oh how i wish those were boots of my own, julie! it's simply a photograph i love by jen. if you are inclined, perhaps if you follow her link you could inquire about the brand! and let me know if you find them.

Jake said...

great list! why don't you come be Brad's personal shopper? or maybe i will just send him your link!

Sara Christine said...

I love getting multivitamins in my stocking. It's not the most exciting gift but definitely thoughtful (one less expense for me, and it shows someone cares about my health!). Also Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm. Heavenly. Now you've got me hoping for gossip mags & red nail polish in my stocking this year. :)

Jenna said...

Oooo good list...some things I'd never thought of before! I hinted to my mom just this evening about the usb flash drive! We always do a pairs of cute panties in the stockings for the girls in the family.

Alicia said...

Even though my sock basket overfloweth, I love love love getting a new pair of warm & cozy socks on Christmas morning. Magazines are fab as well - so nice to relax by the fire and read trash!

Catherine said...

ooh I love the idea of the red nail polish and you are so very right it has to be red red, no pink there. perfect for this time of year.

The UnMighty said...

Pez. Butt-loads of Cherry Pez.

yusufyusuf said...

Nice blog...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the ideas. SO now do we get to see you as a brunette?

all over the map said...

great list. stockings are my favourite.
love your doorman idea.
deck of cards - handy. love it.
the m&m's wouldn't last long but i love the idea that i could justify buying a bag "for guests" :)

a few more "goodies" to stuff:

everyone needs a travel pack of wet wipes.
a mini sharpie to keep in your purse - im surprised at how often i whip that thing out.
a pocket led light - for safety but also handy when you drop something on the floor at the movie theatre.
mobile phone charm - a girl needs a little pizazz for her mobile.
a fun luggage tag - like the hello kitty one i just found at target - for the kid that still lives in me.
anything handmade always = goodness

oh fun . . .

Travelin'Oma said...

Little packs of cute kleenex
Little bottles of coke
Lindor chocolate balls

Unknown said...

You are right. I would pretty much love any of those... cute ideas. Now could you forward that to Dave?

Anonymous said...

a fun keyring
a scented candle

Evelyn from Holland

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