01 January 2008

january first

happy new year.
happy new day.
happy new life.
happy new memory.
happy new moment.
happy new discovery.
happy new inspiration.
happy new bulletin board.

happy new you.
+ happy new me.

2008 : begin again


Travelin'Oma said...

Is this your real bulletin board? I can't believe that you removed such a masterpiece collage! It will be fun to see your new creation!

marta said...

actually, it's a brand new one. to start things fresh.

KELLY said...

happy new year! i hope 2008 brings you all those things you dream of...thanks for sharing so much through the last 12 months. you inspire me no end! looking forward to beginning all over again with you. x

elizabeth said...

oh i love this!

happy oh*eight to ya :)

Kristen said...

love this post. so true.

donna said...

Happy New Year Marta!

Raesha D said...

Hapy new year! Did you see the new Audrey Hepburn stuff at Target in the home decor department? I immediately thought of you when I saw it yesterday:)

nicole b said...

Love what you wrote--so full of hope and inspiration! Reading your blog everyday is like a little treat, only better (no calories!). Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year! Nicole

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