17 January 2008

jean therapy

miss adorable fashionista jessica mcdougal had a rad designer jean giveaway. sadly i missed out, but reading up on the comments is like browsing for jeans without the guilt or the frustration. i also thoroughly enjoyed this denim identity quiz brought to us by glam. just in case you are having an identity crisis or, like me, have always wanted a second (secret) identity.

am still looking for a new fave.


love.boxes said...

I have given up on jeans. I have the wrong figure entirely for the short waisted business... still waiting it out.

Krista said...

thanks to you, i now know I'm a "levi's" girl.

Robin said...

I also am "Levi's". Good to know!

I have the worst time shopping for jeans. They are always too long.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Thanks for the link, I loved reading all the comments.

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