20 February 2008

crockpot followup

cute sunny emailed me about this amazing all year long, every day cooking with the crock pot blog. i think i want to start out with this crock pot rocky road. how delicsh is that? thanks for the 411.


Stephanie ODea said...

thank you sunny and marta!
happy birthday.
you totally deserve to eat the entire crock full of rocky road. I did, and it's no where near my birthday.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted about using the crockpot. I need to dust mine off. I used it once, burned some meat, and then put the crockpot away.

I have one book on "crockpotting" that is from the seventies.

Why don't I use it daily? I work all day...it would be heavenly to return home to dinner already made.

Hmm...rocky road. perfect.

Anonymous said...

That crock pot blog is cool. I'm excited to try some of those recipes. Thanks for the reference.

Stephanie said...

I've got a few crockpot recipes to share...maybe I need to post some soon. You've inspired me. This weather is perfect for a crockpot meal, no?

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