23 February 2008

movie magic

speaking of movies,
there is nothing better than a hitchcock classic.
i fell for this guy in fourth grade. we had to do an oral report as someone famous in homebase class; mrs. freestone's class. for some odd reason, i chose alfred hitchcock. i skimmed a thick biography about him, dressed up like him and attempted to speak like him. i ended my one woman act with the lights low and my profile silhouetted against the blackboard. i doubt anyone in the classroom appreciated the genius of what i had pulled together and attempted to pull off. these are the moments i wish my mom had brought a camcorder along with the cookies. it's pretty hilarious to think about. moreover, if you haven't seen the latest issue of Vanity Fair, you need to take a glance at these photo spreads. they're beautiful and tastefully done. even for a hitchcock snob like me.

have a happy weekend everyone. am gathering my favorite things for a blog re-cap. am hoping you'll share your favorite materialistic things too. since it worked out so well on the disney thing, i ought to pose another travel question soon. and my mom's speaking at women's conference at byu this spring about blogging.. any suggestions? i'll be prepping another on the spot interview soon too. meanwhile tonight is girls night and movies. tomorrow is sledding and pizza. am hoping to try this place out too. mmm. sunday is church and an oscar party for two. the inbetween times is for cleaning up, crafting and collaging, and reading about what's going on with my three inch babe. i am a very involved mama.

live it up. live out loud.

image via vanity fair.


Jessica said...

I saw this last week. I thought they came out pretty good, but I didn't think that Scarlett Johansson pulled off Grace Kelly. But did you see the cover of VF? I think Amy Adams looks a LOT like Grace on it.

Also, does Renee Zellwegger look like a well preserved 60 year old to you in that Vertigo pic? It sort of weirds me out.

And to continue my super long comment, your school project sounds just like something I would have done.

allison said...

hitchcock report.
past blast.
that report may not be on video, but our 4th grade utah reports ARE.

i'm kelly said...

i've always had a special fondness for old al... i can call him that because i've actually slept in his house (although, not while he was there, nor while it was still actually his house.)

leigh said...

I had a thing for watching Hitchcock movies too. (The only thing my dad and I liked to do together when I was a teenager.) Anyway - LOVE the photos. Thanks for sharing.

KJ said...

love Hitchcock movies. We rent one every halloween. Rear Window is probably my favorite, with To Catch a thief right behind. Love spotting the signature cameo in each. (M. Knight Shaymalan just can't do it) Love these photos, though no one will ever do Grace Kelly like Grace Kelly.

Marty said...

Your Archery photo (sidebar) could be the scene of a Hitchcock movie!

Kris said...

Never really got into hitchcock BUT completely remember the side profile silhouette---absolute cleverness. Maybe when your 3" baby grows to be 36" you'll get to relive your hitchcock dreams in her report and appreciate her genius :)

By the way...I've been looking for your email address to send something your way?

Jane Flanagan said...

Oooh! Rebecca is my favourite movie ever. But of these photos I love Renee as Kim Novak the best.

Robin said...

I especially love Dial M for Murder...
What fun!
How cool that your mom is speaking about blogging at women's conf. I would love to listen to that.

amy said...

that spread is super cool. i love when they do that kind of stuff. remember those disney ads with reese witherspoon + ryan phillipe + scarlett johansen? i love things like that.

my first alfred hitchcock movie was just last year, in ap language. rear window. i loved it. thanks:)

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