18 March 2008

alphabet ribbon

this li'l babe of mine needs a name,
if not only to justify buying this beautiful ribbon.
we heard it's heartbeat today. and some kicks too.
the doc says i have a gymnast in there.
couldn't be prouder of the babe's enthusiasm.
{i feel it too.}


allison said...

So glad you're enjoying the great feeling. Isn't it the best? And such pretty, pretty ribbon. Have a good day.

love.boxes said...


maryirene said...

so glad you heard the heartbeat. to me that was always so reassuring that i really did have this beautiful being growing inside of me. what a miracle! enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Hello martha,

I friend of mine told me that you have posted the Alphabet ribbons on yur blog. What a nice surprise!

Congratulation on the arrival of your baby! it will be wonderful, I have three little ones on my own. The heart beat is an amazing moment of our life.

With all the best wishes to you,

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