26 March 2008


am wishing i had thought ahead and ordered some of rae dunn's amazing li'l inspiration rocks for all my sisters who truly rock. that would've been cute and terribly thoughtful. will just have to think up something else to surprise them. am hustling and bustling. prepping and packing. am anticipating a most fabulous trip to nyc with my mom and my sisters (only wish they could all come). the idea came about and we jumped on board, saved our pennies and said sure, somehow we'll make it happen. gabi is playing hostess; since the east coast has become her homeland. the trip hasn't even happened yet but already i want it to become a tradition. spending time with family is my favorite. they are rockstars in my eyes.

since this girls weekend is going to be over before i know it; i busted out the dreyer's girl scout thin mint ice cream last night to get into the spirit of things. an early start on the indulgence and the dreamy goodness. and boy, am i ready. i love that chocolate frozen dream treat so much i wish i could pack it into my purse along with my travel snacks of mini rice cakes and lemon zest luna bars.

am finishing up at work, have bought the airplane magazine and goodies, have charged the ipod. am saying ta ta to blogland. check, check, check. am leaving the packing to tonight. because lets face it, even if you pack early.. you end up double checking what you packed and adding things and then needing items at the bottom of your bag... therefore to procrastinate packing is actually the most efficient way to pack. as long as you make a stellar list. and check it twice. i am a pro at packing last minute and staying up really late and placing a stack of must-haves next to the door.

so, farewell. happy weekend. will be back with fun memories, a bigger belly, loads of stories and photos and hopefully a few more items that fit me. and of course a few things for the babe.

{speaking of the babe; thank you for the congrats. it's so fun to know. yes, i had a feeling it was a boy all along. it may have been a lucky guess, but still a mama loves to be right about these things. my mother-in-law gave me an adorable baby mug painted with scenes of beatrix potter's peter rabbit. there is an inscription which says, 'now run along and don't get into mischief.' i have a feeling i'll be saying that to my two boys more often than not. soon enough dan will have a li'l adventurer by his side. talk about two rockstars.}

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christine said...

Love your Blog!!!

gab said...

Min. I am so excited. I don't know how I will sleep tonight. Just today I was talking to Heidi on the phone and saying that I almost don't want it to start because then it will be over and what will I look forward to then?!!!

p.s. Are you doing a Beatrix Potter theme? You know I am the source. (Remember crazy Aunt Mary?! Remember the life-size Peter rabbit covered in cat hair? Want it?)

One Love Photo said...

Congrats on your little boy. Have a wonderful trip with your sisters. I have three rocks on my desk which I look at everyday. They are: Strength, Wish, and Create! Cheers to a wonderful trip!

love.boxes said...

Have a really, really great time! Can't wait to hear about your trip!

Jessica said...

Have a wonderful time, eat pizza at least once, enjoy shopping, take as many pictures as your little finger can click, and most importantly- remember the B train doesn't run on the weekends. Bon Voyage!

Anonymous said...

Have a great girls weekend. Your sisters really do ROCK!

Buby & Co. said...

i'm a late-night packer the night before as well... but i've never forgotten anything i wanted/needed! have a fabuluos vacation. i've never had a sister, but i did spend a REALLY amazing week in NYC with my mom before i moved there... and i'm jealous. remember to hit h&m on 34th for maternity. i still go 2 hours into the city to shop there for the best selection.

sarah said...

I had that cup growig up too! how lovely.

love reading about your new journey.

nap girl said...

Hi Marta~ I am tagging you for the “Excellent Blog” Award. Your blog is a regular read of mine and I find it, well, simply excellent!! Thank you for sharing your journey & making me smile :)
Ox Kelley
ps~CONGRATULATIONS on the babe to be!

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