17 April 2008

am booked. and in love.

today i bring you a showcase of my favorite inspirational idea of turning your own life into pages of a book. {these photos originated on the blogs listed and have been bookmarked in my bloglines.} so, dive in and flip the pages. these blogs are among my absolute favorites too. if i weren't cleaning out my fridge, wrapping dishes in newspaper, folding clothes into boxes, emptying my scrapbook paper bin or growing a baby, i would make one right now. {check back in june.}

meanwhile, these crafty queens make me so so so happy. i feel like blogging is a club that you join and just belong to. whether the other members even know it or not. connecting lives and feelings and happinesses and joining in on the convo. because i know i would laugh the days away with people like you and you and you. am so glad i can pack this blog up and be the same me even when i move miles away. you'll still be there. and i'll still be right here. just in a different space.

introducing the inspiring art books:

ali edwards.

amazing ali edwards: inspirational guru girl to the stars.

elise the beautiful: the paper project princess

melissa: she seems to savor the simple in each gorgeous moment

elsie the wild wonder: she makes originality look easy.

rachel: purely pretty and packed with bling


melissa deakin said...

i am honored to be in such amazing company!
these women are all my favorites, so i am beyond flattered to be included with them.
i have been thinking of you and hoping you are feeling well.

Holly O. said...

Aren't they all absolutely amazing?! You do know you should be on this list, right?

all over the map said...

I love all of these, especially Ali E's and that absolutely adorable wee *love* album by Elsie, oh so sweet!
I'm totally inspired and happy about seeing these. Thanks m.

Kim Vallee said...

Elsie Valentine's book is adorable.

Lovely Lindsay said...

i loved your words about blogging and connecting and still be here even when you move there.

thank you for the book inspiration. i am full to the brim with creative ideas and i can feel them about to bubble over. time to make a big 'ol good crafty mess.

happy belly, happy blog.
love, lindsay

nancy said...

I've been so inspired by your blog the last few months! I even had to share the "story of stuff" link with my readers. Thanks for that and all the inspiring, fun, sweet posts.

KR said...

Oh my - what beautiful books! :) I need to get scrapping again - these are perfect inspiration :)



love.boxes said...

beautiful.. love that mag. photo of the ribbons..

Relyn Lawson said...

Thank you for sharing your inspirations. I found some wonderful new sources of inspiration. I just love all the connections blogging provides. Congratulations on your little one. I am so glad you are enjoying this time. I loved my pregnancy. Being a mother is even better.

christine said...

I love your blog---It really jump starts my own creativity. :)

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