21 April 2008

vote for abby and her cute quilt

ready for a big announcement? my cute (and talented) cousin abby has finally opened an etsy shop: gracie lane. you might remember abby from our Harvest Boutique. where she sold her beautiful handmade pieces, played hostess and cheerful cash register gal in her gorgeous home and then gave birth less than 24 hours later. yep, that's how she works. she is super woman. lucky for us, she is going to be filling her etsy shop with lovely things througout the coming months.

but right now she is up for a super big contest over at the jolly jabber and she needs your vote. abby entered this amazing quilt for the big win! click on over to the jolly jabber, scroll down and vote for abby, entry number eight. and hurry, voting ends midnight on tuesday. believe me, she is a thoughtful, crafty, busy, working mother and truly deserves the prize!

i appreciate it. and she does too. if she knew you, she's the type that would whip up a darling li'l pin cushion (that matches your sewing room) just to say thanks. she really is that nice.


Christina said...

The girl's got skills! I voted, and I hope lots of others will too!

Type A Chronicles said...

I voted... good luck to her!

TravelinOma said...

She's a winner! I voted, too.

whit said...

Abby's one talented little girl. I voted as well..good luck

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