23 April 2008

to do list.

find a way...

to make more time for people i love.
to eat less sweets and more veggies.
to make the most of my moments.
to make nice with my growing hips.
to stop needing more and simply appreciate what i have.
to say heartfelt goodbyes to my nearest + dearest.
to pack our life up.
to hold on to our memories.
to say you're the best to those that need to know.
to say thank you to those that need to know.
to say i love you to those that need to know.
to drink more water daily.
to part with papers that are half scribbled on.
to decipher what's what.
to write more.
to read more.
to stop watching silly tv.
to comment more often.
to pay heed to the things that matter.
to love each other in all of the small moments.
to think of others before myself.
to plan a graduation party of a lifetime.
to hurry and scrapbook the past 6 years before the babe comes.
to celebrate the togetherness.
to bake more from scratch.
to make time for what matters.
to create things with my hands.
to work hard to wrap things up at work.
to treasure all that i've been blessed with.
to take care of myself.
to prepare for newness.
to prepare for the babe.
to document my life.
to appreciate my life.
to love more deeply.
to sincerely compliment.
to come out of my shell.


Mary said...

love this list - you've inspired me to write one of my own - and surely share with the one or two people who can help me accomplish it. thank you for the inspiration!

ZDub said...

How lovely. Good luck on that scrapbooking business. I tried to album 6 yrs. of pictures before my babe was born, didn't happen!

kelly said...

as always, beautifully written. so other's list is always so inspiring.

Bree said...

your list is so very inspiring...

Unknown said...

Amen! These are items that we all could use a little help on; especially the part about not eating sweets!

KJ said...

So long as you give lots of love to your sweet little babe, the others will come easily. I promise.

Becky, yep said...

What...that is my list except I've already had 3 babes and haven't scrapbooked a thing... CRAP!

christine said...

Love " to stop needing more and simply appreciate what i have"...

Its easy for a lot of people to forget this one.

Travelin'Oma said...

There will still be time to scrap after the baby comes. More time than you're used to, anyway.

lauracrow said...

lovely, marta. xo

Michelle @ Twig said...

one thing that i will always remember from your introspectiveness is that just when i am oohing & aweing over your oh so well put together life filled with detail from moment to moment, you still make a goal packed list like this reminding me that we are all striving, we are all working, we are all wishing to be a little better, to be a little more, and to learn & be lifted up by one another. thanks for the reminders.

nancy said...

I'll start with "leave more comments."

Love your blog.


tara said...

you're so darling! i have TONS of half scribbled on notes too. i don't know why i can't throw them away- for some reason they're beautiful to me. i've actually started a separate 'journal' that's filled with tags off clothes and scraps of paper that i just can't seem to get rid of :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Amazing. You are so inspiring Mowda. Thanks.

Kerry said...

About drinking more water -- it is ALWAYS on my list, as well. When I was pregnant with my son, I just kept reminding myself that I needed to keep the little fella's "swimming pool" clean, so it made it easier.

Christina said...

I share a lot of items on this list. Another great post from you!

all over the map said...

makes me want to do a list as well as i am a hopeless list lover.
this was super. it's nice to reflect on giving more to others and remembering to nurture yourself.
you have such a way with expressing yourself. it's refreshing and oh so lovely.
thanks m.

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