27 May 2008

am about to begin.

am fluffing up our new nest and hatching a handful of new plans. am hoping to unpack a whole new me. i have to admit, it's a bit easier to reassess life, align priorities, obsessively organize a bathroom and throw out an ugly picture frame when your life has completely flipped upside down. i am no longer in that blinding fog telling me that i want to keep an ugly picture frame. i realize, it really is hideous. and beyond that, completely not my style. i will never want to put a photo in this heart shaped frame surrounded in fake pearls. where did this come from and why (in the world) am i keeping it? anyway it's going. far away. everything is a bit easier when you're working with brand newness. suddenly things are fresh and perfect and you want everything in your new life to be beautiful (and fake pearl free).

and then on the other hand, you ask yourself why you've never used your cute salt & pepper shakers after unwrapping them from a bundle of wadded newspapers. and you are newly determined to put them out every night for dinner. because in your new life you are going to actually prepare dinner. this is the plan anyway. a tip for any of you who are moving or ever think of moving: after you move in and are unpacking, if you aren't completely christmas morning giddy with whatever you just unwrapped from a bulk of newsprint and bubblewrap, you should say goodbye to it. like this putrid pearl frame. it has never had a place in my heart. it's been in a dark shoebox for far too long, therefore am sending it to a better home. dan will be so proud.

this is the plan. am going to start a whole new life here. have already begun. raisin bran and sliced strawberries in a good bowl. if sliced strawberries doesn't spell out whole new self, i don't know what does. along with the today show and maybe some ellen. am promising daytime tv won't take over my life, but am indulging a bit, since i finally can. fixed dan a sack lunch for his first day at work. and gave him the last few oreos. my new self is off to a good start. i could hardly get over how 1950s we were this morning as he headed out the door with his shiny shoes and briefcase and i stayed in with my mop and bucket. okay, whatever, my Real Simple and huge belly. but still. am making strides. little as they may be.

am hoping to make lunches, do dishes and prepare dinners for nice plates on placemats way more than i used to. am hoping to give more of myself than i used to. and find joy in the giving. even if the giving means the last oreo.

am inching myself into this domestic newness.
and hoping to make my bed every day too.


Christina said...

Oooh, love this post. I need to give more of myself too. And get rid of a whole stack of ugly picture frames. How can I channel this same energy when my life hasn't really turned upside down? I'll need to ponder on that...So glad you're getting settled.

The Neslen's said...

Sounds like you are doing really well!! I can't wait for this new stage of life to happen in my life!! I can't wait for the 1950's feeling!

laceyJ. said...

I can definitely relate! This is exactly how I felt when we just moved into our new home... love the motivation. I'm trying to keep it up!

Good luck!

Annie said...

Happy new beginning! You are transporting me back a few years when my husband graduated from law school at the U and we moved across the country. We moved several times since then but that one is nearest and dearest to my heart: it brought so many blessings to our lives. I still love a good fresh start.

Dansie Family said...

yea for domesticity. i love it even though i don't always live it. let me know if any fun recipes and lunch ideas come out of your domesticity that I can use for Tom.

Senja said...

happy new beginning from me as well! i understand how you feel - since i got married, moved to a new country and don't have a job yet, i have been very 'domestic' - cooking, cleaning, getting up with my husband and making breakfast, etc. and i love it. it is a good feeling. :) it is nice to have time for these things.

and yes - it is great to reevaluate your stuff - bring memories back, make new ones and closing chapters by throwing things away.

and i love ellen! :)

have fun!

gab said...

am 100% positive i gave you the putrid pearl frame. don't feel guilty throwing it away...i think it was a recycled wedding present.

must've thought it was "cute for you" at the time...sorry!

marta said...

no way, gab. i don't believe you. though you DO have the creative power to make it look cute. i'll send it your way. hee hee.

all over the map said...

laughing at the last two comments. gab is your sister, no? how funny that she thinks she is the giver of the fabulous frame.
i don't think you could have been more spot on with "and find the joy in giving". that will carry you.
i love all yoiur plans and always the way you talk about them. enjoy this new routine. you are such a creative soul i'm sure you are going to be a great domestic diva.

KJ said...

I went through the same thing when it came down to just me and my belly at home...meals were great, house was spic-n-span 24-7. And I became hooked on the Today Show. Because I could. I even (gasp) watched the View sometimes while I was feeding the new baby! Because I could. New chapters. Still learning to embrace the domestic goddess within...20 months later! Oh, and for me it was shredded wheat with sliced strawberries!

love.boxes said...

I still have many of those same goals.. all good ones.. I just have to keep making them the priority that they need to be. I really believe in family dinners, but they don't happen as often as they should.

TravelinOma said...

I have a big box of picture frames in the closet. I have no space to ever use them, and I never will. But it took so long to collect them, and they've held lots of cute faces, so I can't throw them out. I admire your resolve!

erin said...

Way to be Mart. We just moved to a new place ourselves and I tossed a lot. It feels good.

So fun to be a little housewife. I quite enjoy it myself, most of the time.

Good luck getting established.

Megan said...

That sounds like pure bliss! I love the talk of the picture frame... This post makes me want to go home and clean out my closets... I have way to many junk boxes, junk drawers, and junk rooms. i need to de-junk.

Megan said...

That sounds like pure bliss! I love the talk of the picture frame... This post makes me want to go home and clean out my closets... I have way to many junk boxes, junk drawers, and junk rooms. i need to de-junk.

.caroline armelle. said...

love this post. you have a great way with words marta.
so glad you got all moved safe and sound.

and, i'm so with you. i'm in the process of getting rid of things... and it's really refreshing.

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