20 June 2008

map it out

i laughed aloud (and so did dan) when i spied this map of America on a darling blog i love to read, delish. it's the official map of The New Yorker's Idea of the USA. genius. it's the perfect gift for those of us obsessed with a.) new york or b.) maps in general.

view the close up map, and you'll see that my new place of residence, idaho, is shown as a dot in oregon! love it. denver is only a dot in utah, south dakota is a dot in north dakota and little rock, kansas and oklahoma are all dots in missouri. awesome.

this funny map reminds me of the time i was getting a makeover in a swanky salon in pennyslvania a few years ago. the seemingly bright & intelligent makeup artist asked me where i was from.

i told her, 'salt lake city, utah.'
and she said, 'huh? where's that?!'
i said, 'it's in the west. utah hosted the winter olympics,'
after a blank stare, i said, 'you know, it's near... vegas.'
'oh cool, i looooove vegas. so is there even a beach in utah?'
seriously, she asked me that.
'umm. no, but we do have Lagoon.'

i walked out of that place with smoky cat eyes and not a thing in my hands. just a tip, if you're on commission, just pretend you know your geography. hee hee.

though i must admit, (as my family well knows) my map of the world would look a bit funny if i had to label all the countries without looking. sometimes i am excited to have a kid go through the fifth grade.


love.boxes said...

From my experiences of being a UTAAAAhn.. traveling in NYC.. I'm surprised there is anything on this map past OHIo besides Vegas and California. Funny. Apparently, Fifty Nifty United States.. is not a big song out there! :)

Hannah said...

haha! That is hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

i was totally laughing out loud looking at it, and i'm with you on the country thing! thanks so much for the shout out. :)

amber, theambershow said...

I'm not a New Yorker, but I live just under an hour outside of NYC, and I'll be moving there (just as soon as I sell this house!)

This map is a pretty accurate picture of what's in my head. Pretty sad!

Travelin'Oma said...

The thing is, NYC is just a dot on a real map. And it's not even in New York!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Here in Holland Americans are known for their lack of geographical knowledge (sorry). We once met a guy in the Dominican Republic. This is what he said: " Amsterdam? Yeah, nice country!" We told him Amsterdam is a city and he said "oh yes, it's the capital of Danmark."


It seems Idaho looks a bit like Holland! Flat, green, beautiful skies.

Kerry said...

Here's another one for you:

Him: "Where're you heading for vacation?"
Me: "Ireland."
Him: "Wow. You gonna drive there?"
Me: "...?"

Good luck on the milkshake runs. In a pinch, a pint of chocolate Haagen-Daaz always works.

One Love Photo said...

THIS IS GREAT! I love playful silly not accurate maps. Whenever anyone draws me a custom map, I feel the need to stuff it away. Thinking you may enjoy this book:

You Are Here
Maps of imagination- a collection
By Kitty Harmon

all over the map said...

love the map. funny story but yet i find it amazing that people are that clueless on "general" geography.

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