25 June 2008

one cute clutch

someday i will unclutter my life so much i will be able to carry clutches everywhere. even on an airplane. if i were the type of gal who got by with chapstick, a credit card and a bobbypin in life, i would be all over this sort of thing. though these days i have to be practical, if it doesn't hold a onesie and a diaper, a lemon zest luna bar and my cell phone, lipgloss and five different pens, stamps and my day planner... i may as well forget about it.

but for you girls who collect cute clutches, this one is available at The Red Ruby Rose etsy shop.

talented people are everywhere. the same british gal who creates these clutches also takes beautiful photographs.


Holly O. said...

Oh boy, those clutches are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for finding me a wedding clutch! HOORAY. It was a yellow peony- perfect!

you are awesome

Sasha Farina said...

what a beautiful clutch!

MA said...

I wish I could be a clutch person too. When I do try, because I have a few adorable ones...I always feel that I am busting the seams! Such a lovely find though!
You really have a great blog, I enjoy it.

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