08 June 2008

the wind blew in our first guests

my parents came to town this weekend for a 24 hour grand tour of our neck of the woods. we were so glad to see them and did our best to show them the sights and sounds.

thankfully the weather and the clouds behaved and it was absolutely beautiful; the wind even showed off a bit. i guess it's always windy here, something i will have to get used to. note to self; do not wear a blowy skirt to outdoor events such as the farmer's market. after lunch in vintage downtown, we discovered the antique shop. my parents were like kids in a candy store. i was happy idaho had so many treasures to be had. my parents have this knack for making you feel like you are the coolest kid, living in the coolest place & doing the coolest things. i love them for that.

we chatted the day away and enjoyed being together. i attempted the ina garten lessons i've been reading up on and fixed supper a day ahead. (including husking corn, slicing up a watermelon & baking a cake; which took approximately as long as dan's D Day tribute movie lasted.) once the folks arrived, we quickly steamed the corn on the cob, set the table, served spinach farfalle salad, watermelon, and bread. for dessert, we ate mother approved, from scratch chocolate cake.

everyone seemed satisfied and i was pleasantly surprised that it had actually turned out. couldn't have asked for better company either. if you live near your parents, count yourself blessed. i miss them already. come again soon!

Serves 6-8

2 (5 oz.) bags of washed, clean Spinach
Farfalle pasta (1 lb. Box), cooked and drizzled with olive oil, cooled
1/2 carton rinsed cottage cheese
handful of grape tomatoes
small can of mandarin oranges
1 red pepper, sliced into strips
1/2 lemon, juiced
1 lg. Breast chicken
cook chicken in olive oil and lemon juice over medium heat; 5 minutes per side; cool and shred chicken for salad.

Optional Additions: strawberries, bacon bits, craisins, feta cheese, almonds

Raspberry Garlic Vinaigrette Dressing:
3/4 cup red wine vinegar
3/4 cup olive oil
2 1/2 Tbs. Raspberry jam
3 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp each of thyme & rosemary
a pinch of fresh cracked pepper
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 small yellow onion, minced

Prep salad ingredients and toss together right before serving; watch to make sure you add equal parts spinach & pasta; you may end up with extra pasta (for tomorrow's supper). Mix dressing ingredients in blender and store in the refrigerator overnight. Before serving, pulse dressing and pour into bottle. The dressing should be added right before serving, so the spinach does not wilt. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

How fun! I love antique shopping. And that bathroom...! wow. and I have that set of books purchased in Chicago

all over the map said...

i couldn't agree more that having parents near by is a blessing.
my hometown is the gem of antiquing in O.C. so this post made me a wee homesick but so happy you enjoyed each other's company.
save for the green goblets - they're lovely!
going to try that salad. sounds so yummy.

kelly said...

i can't wait to try this salad. it looks great!

Travelin'Oma said...

I love to visit my kids so I can picture their lives. The Idahoans live in a beautiful, brand-new, comfortable and well-organized home after just two weeks. It was totally put together and already organized, right down to a cupboard for the snow tires. Thanks for the visit. We'll be back. The ride is quick, painless, and pretty. (Especially if you sleep which someone else drives.)

Thanks for hosting us so well.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun time! Tell travelin oma that Aunt Polly has the collection of books that she just bought! I didn't know she wanted them... See you Saturday.

Jake said...

You are the hostess with the mostess!

The White House said...

Mowda, that sounds like such a great weekend! Im so happy your mom and dad came to visit.
We've got to make a trip up to see you!
can't wait to try that salad, and am so excited to put it in my cookbook binder! Thanks again for that mowda! I love it and add to it often!

Christie said...

Oma and Opa have always had the knack of making me feel like every apartment, every house, every city I've lived in is beautiful, fun, and interesting. I'm glad you are on the receiving end of that now. They are just the best!

mama jo said...

it looks like a great time..sounds like you were a wonderful hostess...can i come? those books looks very familiar..

love.boxes said...

What a fun shop!

KJ said...

Often blustery in these parts indeed! We'll swap farmers market salad recipes...I made one this weekend, too! Your mom scored on those books, and you must simply get those goblets.;)

::Sylvia:: said...

Mmmm! I can't wait to try this salad, it looks delish!

BTW: You've been tagged! Check out my blog for the keepin' it real meme, I think you'll enjoy it!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I am in love with those green goblets!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Love the pictures and commentary!

Sheri said...

Yum. The salad recipe made me hungry. Your blog is cute, well organized and full of wisdom. I can tell you are travelinOma's daughter, but with your own individual spirit!

Senja said...

so much fun!
are your parents from germany? oma & opa.. (i am asking because i am german/finnish myself..)

Dansie Family said...

i have spinach in the fridge i need to use. i may try it out. thanks.

Diana Hulme said...

I love visits. Especially from parents. :) Can't wait to try out your recipe - thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I have been to that antique shop and loved it - especially the trolls. The fish tacos, across the street, are to die for, in case you are too pregnant to serve a fantastic meal next time.

Michelle said...

m, PLEASE go buy those goblets! and your mom buying those books made me smile so huge.

thanks so much for your lovely blog.

{natalie} said...

marta, i love reading your blog. it's like a good book that i just keep reading and reading. can you post the recipe for the cake??? please?? i'm in charge of dessert on sunday.

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