16 July 2008

i am, on the other hand, a crafting wizard

meet Rice Paddy Anne.

she is my new best friend. she is the siamese sister i never had, my live-in masseuse, the doula i always hoped for, our mute foreign exchange student. she is full of rice and warm wisdom. and here is her story.

two nights ago my back started aching. and since i've been completely spoiled with health and happiness and all out energy this entire pregnancy, i realize a bit of a backache is a small price to pay. so i did some stretches and sat there, reading on the couch. yes, i am to the point that every time i sit down i groan a little and put a pillow behind my back. it actually really helps, those eighty year old ladies that carry pillows to church know their stuff. but the backache just wouldn't go away. therefore i pulled out my yoga knowledge. but no amount of cat and cow poses made this torture go away.

but then it came to me. all i need is a heating pad. and since we don't have one of those handy dandy plug in types that you had when you were growing up (i'm asking santa for one of those this year, but am hoping he can build me one that wraps me up like a burrito) i had to make one. and since i have no darling fabric or sewing skills whatsoever, i baked up a real winner. and you can to. just follow this simple tutorial. or you can do it marta style and tell your husband this patented step by step process from where you lie, moaning on the couch in the front room. so all points for creating Rice Paddy Anne actually go to him.

01. Find a sock. A long tube sock is preferred. It's only requirement is that is must have no holes. Find one who is missing it's mate and lying limp, living a lonely life in the dark drawer. This is the first day of the rest of it's life.

02. Find the rice. We love our rice short and white and keep it on the top shelf of the cupboard. Yet, any type will do. Pull it off the cupboard shelf and pour the uncooked rice into the sock. If you are advising your husband, make sure he does this part in the kitchen, over the sink, rice tends to spill all over the shaggy carpet. I might've even suggested using a funnel, had I not been entering crisis mode. Make your sock full, like it just had turkey, rolls, yams and stuffing but is saving room for dessert. This is essential so that you will have enough room to tie a knot in your Rice Sock. Dan did all of these steps extra speedy, he is a boy scout after all.

03. Nuke it. Throw your new best friend into the microwave and warm it on high for two minutes. No, it will not explode. Yes, it will be warm and perfect and ready to go. At this point you could draw a li'l face on the sock to make it more friendly. (Especially if you're making these Rice Socks for sick kids in the hospital.)

04. Place your warm Rice Sock around your neck, on your lower back, on your ankles, or wherever you are feeling wimpy. The great thing is that these Rice Socks just sort of slink into place perfectly. You can later tell your ailing friend that it's because of the expensive, patented interior cushion which is only available in Malaysia during the Springtime.

enjoy. happy crafting.

if you are an advanced crafting wizard, you could easily take this patented project to whole new heights with some seriously cute fabric. using some fat quarters and your skills; you could quilt the rice into sections and make it larger than life. and if you do i will buy it from you. (Rice Paddy Anne would love a sibling.)


Helen, Linda, & Holly said...

add lavender to relieve headaches!

Lucy said...

my handmade rice buddy kept my feet warm aaaall winter. such a sweet cuddle buddy, all give and no take.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I made a bunch of these a few months ago. I added eucalyptus oil to mine. I have a few extras if you want one, let me know:)


Mama Cher, Ok, fine, it's Sharon said...

Shoot! I was going to say add lavender! Oh well, I second the motion. Origins has fancy wraps and one has lavender the other peppermint. They are amazing, but I think I prefer the tube sock price tag!

bedelia said...

I made one with a sock a while back, but somehow didn't think to use rice. I used pinto beans. I don't think lavender would help much with the smell it provides when heated.

Megan said...

I am so glad you have a warm ricey sock to keep you toasty.
Remember how G-ma W was on your SL for not making one for you? lol
I hope you enjoy it.

ann said...

i love how you're always keepin' it real ;)

TravelinOma said...

Marianne made two of these for us, and they are in use continually. I'm so sorry about your back.

Dansie Family said...

you asked me a while back to make you one, and i failed. now i'm feeling really guilty. i'm glad you had dan to pick up my slack.

anna jo said...

I was just talking about making these out of socks yesterday with my coworkers! they are a must for the cold months.

jomama said...

hi. i think your blog is delightful, and i'm glad you found something that helps your aches!
could i trouble you with a quick question? how do you add writing to your photos like that? it looks so good!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

i am so gonna make one ... i will need it when aunt flo comes visiting! *GRINS*

babagrlshell said...

i had a great friend in undergrad that made me one of these with whole cloves and vanilla beans in them... they were so divine when I nuked them and came out smelling like a wonderful pie. But for my neck.

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