11 July 2008

am loving

i am loving
being barefoot
wrapped up in a cotton blanket
{on a summer night
with the breeze coming
through the screened windows}
and reading a good book
{which i highly recommend
if you love audrey like i do}
and nourishing all the
nonsense and wonder
inside out.

i am loving
my perky li'l pink plant
which was a worthy indulgence for
under two dollars at lowe's garden center.
and since i'm learning
what audrey would do,
i realize i have already followed suit by
enjoying blooming live flowers in the house.
miss audrey had a garden of
sixty rosebushes planted by Givenchy
to celebrate her 60th birthday.
and supposedly when hosting parties,
she would cut them early on,
intending the roses to be lush,
in full bloom
and ready to party.

i am loving
watching dan study
his life away for the bar exam
because (although excruciating)
i know this will be the moment
he'll look back on throughout
his career...
and i'll remember the
quiet peaceful times
before the baby was born.
and someday i won't be able
to quite picture life without
the little one in it.

i am loving
the sunshine
and the summertime intense warmth
and am trying to stock up like a bear
preparing for hibernation.
i fear the idaho winter
and want to love the
summer sunshine
every day that i can get it.

i am loving
the slow days,
the growing belly,
the bright mornings,
the neighborhood walks,
the date nights and
the ice cold limeaids in
the blue rimmed glasses
that were brought back
from mexico.

and i am loving this quotation
by audrey hepburn taken from said book,

"Today there are so many people, so many things, so many emotions, and the more there is, the less I want. The more man flies to the moon, the more I want to look at a tree. The more I live in the city, the more I search for a blade of grass. "


Holly O. said...

Are you on Goodreads? I would LOVE to get a sneak into your books! If so (and you don't mind adding friends) please add me! holly_okeefe@msn.com

Samosas for One said...

Funny you recommend this book as there is a bridal shower tomorrow for a friend whose theme is Breakfast at Tiffany's. The friend throwing it got gloves, a tiara, cigarette holders, and candy cigarettes!

katrina lauren said...

i have to read this book...as i do believe i love audrey like you do! i was thrilled to come across your blog and find that you had a whole collection of posts dedicated just to audrey!
enjoy your weekend

Carin said...

am loving...

your blog.

Mama Cher, Ok, fine, it's Sharon said...

Don't worry about the Idaho winters. They are long and cold, true, but you will have a new baby to keep you warm inside and out! Love this post.

Courtney said...

I am loving this post. What a beautiful piece and made me so content in enjoying this sunshine and heat!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are enjoying your blades of grass.

melissa deakin said...

i always love to read your thoughts.
your words always make me happy.
you are such a beautiful person, m.!

KJ said...

ditto...trying to find a way to bottle the sunshine like canning peaches. And I have those same rimmed glasses from Mexico...You are a darling creature.

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