10 July 2008


am spending the
afternoon nesting
in the nursery
folding newborn onesies
soft cuddly blankets
and setting up books
that will tumble down
again and again
when the babe
starts crawling about.

am loving this nesting blog by cookie magazine.


Travelin'Oma said...

I can't think of a better term...nesting.

Anonymous said...

M - thanks a million for posting this link. I'm going to be moving soon and that blog is filling me with all sorts of ideas and excitements!

jen byard said...

there's nothing more wonderful than folding baby things and dreaming about your baby. I'm hoping you win my give-away Marta, but if you don't I'd still love to send you a little baby treat :) ...is there somewhere I could send it? have fun during these last few weeks!

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