17 July 2008

summer getaway

am skipping town for a few weeks
to splurge 'neath the sunshine
and spend time with those i love.

you may not even notice i'm out,
i'll try to post here & there
and don't worry, the monday
summer giveaways will continue
as scheduled. so come back soon.


p.s. this gorgeous photo comes
from an unknown source.
i adore it.
and knew you would too.


emilyclare said...

have a wonderful and serendipitous time dear Marta! We will all anticipate your return (refreshed and enlivened no doubt)

christine said...

have a good time marta :)

jen byard said...

have a great vacation Marta...hope you get some rest and your family pampers you!

kelly said...

have a great time relaxing. we will miss you!

shinyruby2 said...

tehee i was just about to write a post here and say how great the picture is, then I get to the bottom of yr entry and see how you mention it.

indeed - beautiful : )

happy hols xx

Pearl said...

What a beautiful photo! Thank you for sharing! Pearl

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