12 August 2008

blueberry world

not only are they a bona fide super food,
but it's a spoonful of antioxidants.
and the best part of all,
the blueberry milk in the end.

plus i just realized
it's all red, white & blueberry.
go team usa.


Hannah said...

oh, yum, Marta!! I love blueberries. I saw a huge case of them at Costco for a pretty good price. I think I need to go buy them now.

Anonymous said...

Yay for blueberries! Have you ever tried the Lower-Fat Blueberry Cake at Starbucks?! DELICIOUS! Taste so full of fat, but it's at least a bit lower.




Jessica said...

Marta! I have that exact same dish towel. How funny.

jen byard said...

Marta, have you been watching the swimming? Amazing! Michael Phelps is super human :)

christine said...

love blueberries

OMG--you've got to watch Michael Phelps!

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