10 August 2008

fabulousness squared.

found a few new
fabulous photographer
friends on flickr.

hope your weekend was happy. mine was. now that the bar exam is over, my man is officially back. our weekend was productive to say the least. it consisted of the following:

1 new storage unit (many hoorays) / 1 trip to home depot / 1 trip to sam's club / 1 baby room all cleaned out / 1 blueberry peach cobbler for two / 1 rubber ducky race in the river / 1 dvd rented and watched / 1 bridal book all bound and beautiful / 1 trip to the post office / 1 date night; dinner out, appetizers, dessert and a browse at barnes all included / 1 discussion on faith / 1 writing session in my new diary / 1 long sunday drive / 1 chit chat with the folks / 1 hospital bag not yet packed / 1 corner of a magazine dipped into sudsy tub water / 1 mama2be as big as a hot air balloon / 1 papa2be still as sweet as ever / 1 babe climbing my ribs / 1 wonders what i even thought about before expecting a little 1.


EliseBlaha said...

oh man.
great find.

Hannah said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I didn't pack my bag until the night before I went into labor with the first. Good luck!!

love.boxes said...

.. all consuming little stinkers aren't they? :) I'm so excited for you. It must be getting close!

{natalie} said...

my bag was packed as i was hopping out of the shower on the way to the hospital. it'll work out. sounds like a wonderful weekend, the best kind. enjoy your husband!

Joanna Goddard said...

i'm so excited for you! your blog is so lovely. xo

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