07 August 2008

he asked + she said yes

congrats to whit + jason.

i couldn't be more happy
for the couple madly in love
and newly engaged...
hashbrowns + oj,
pigeons + paris,
airplanes + yoga,
flipflops + fishing..

all your dreams are coming true. xo.


christine said...

is this St mark's square--venice?

congrats by the way. :)

polly said...

my favorite photo of them..where their romance began.

chelle said...

this is sweet, sweet, sweet!

P.S. said...

Congrats to little Whit! She will be a beautiful beautiful bride.

whit said...

thanks mart..thats so nice of you. thank you for everything and helping me plan my day. your the best

Megan said...

Congrats to Whit! Im so excited.
If only her and i could have another hug like the first one. ;) LOL.

Horsley Home said...

this is funny- that is my cousin! how do you know them?

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