21 August 2008

yep. still just me.

giving a shout out
since today is my
official due date,
i'm guest blogging
for the next few days
over at petit elefant,
a favorite of mine.
full of sweet ladies
who are full of great ideas.
am honored to be included.
go see for yourself.

p.s. a tip for the wise,
do not attach yourself
to either your due date
or your supposed doctor.
it's you & the babe that really matters.
(the date & doc who actually delivers don't.)

p.p.s. thanks for all the love
support & encouragement.
i am soaking it in.


ZDub said...

I'm just so excited for you. The best times are when babies come!

My midwife told me that only 5% of babies are actually born on their due date.

Keeping you in good thoughts.

Holly O. said...

My first went more than a week past the due date. You have PLENTY of time. I'm happy you are enjoying the anticipation. That is such a fun part of the whole process!

I am LoW said...

Everyone should experience watching their due date come and go. I watched it 5 times. :)

JJB said...

the blogging world is rather unbelievable sometimes. i don't even really know you, but i'm waiting expectantly with you. when i walked into the office today, i thought "ooo, maybe marta had her baby today." just wanted you to know you're in my thoughts and prayers.

melissa walker said...

Happy waiting--that little one will decide when he's good and ready. You can just think that you're making such a lovely home for him that he doesn't want to leave!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you!! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I love your honest joy. And I'm off to check out petit elefant :o) Take care & enjoy your Thursday!

::Sylvia:: said...

That is so true, they should tell you that the day you get pregnant! Good luck we're all waiting for the little babe!

btw, I started a new blog and I linked to you, hope that's ok!


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you! I can't wait.

Marla said...

my daughter was in that 5% ...how exciting, and misleading the next time around!

{natalie} said...

i keep checking back to see if the babe has made an appearance. as a gal who was early on babies, i can't imagine making it to the actual due date, i'm not sure how it would be. you seem very positive! good luck, can't wait to hear the news.

Christie said...

It's good to hit the actual date. It means at some point, there is an end in sight. Prior to the due date, it's anybody's guess. Now, you know it has to happen soon.

P.S. Don't go searching google for ways to break your own water. It's really far too tempting for overdue preggers like you. Not that I'd know anything about that, ahem.

Kadie said...

Thinking about you!! Keep us posted.

all over the map said...

you are wise little lady.
i know a lot of mamas who were let down because of not being able to have "their" doc deliver.
safe and sound is all that matters.
thinking of you from all the way over here in western australia.
so looking forward to seeing the little bub.
glad you are enjoying the last stretch. take it all in. frozen fruit bars and all! hydration is key. you are right about that.
bless you.

Nancy said...

I hate due dates because if they didn't exist, there would be no "overdue." Which is annoying. I always hated showing up at church or somewhere the Sunday after my due date being like, "Yep, still here." You seem to be hanging in there. That baby will come when he's good and ready.

Anonymous said...

Marta you are having a baby!!! and in a minute or two a little wee one will look at you and dan and in him you will see you and dan- how special this is!
are you sleeping in!

Christina said...

After I was overdue (a week until I was induced) with my first, I decided that everyday past the due date gave me a little taste of what eternity must feel like. You are almost there- he can't hold out much longer! Can't wait to hear the news of a boy out of your tummy and into your arms.

Travelin'Oma said...

This is the first of many, many times you'll wonder when he'll arrive. At least this time you know where he is!

Anonymous said...

Ooh I'm so excited for you! And can't wait to hear the good news that he has arrived! I'm longing for this day to happen in my life (its still a few years off for me).


Raya Carlisle said...

Good words! I was sulking two days before my due date, so good for you to be patient : ) Can't wait to hear the wonderful news!

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