22 September 2008

weekend wrapup

monday means

regrouping from a weekend roadtrip
cleaning out the car
unpacking our bags
loading up the laundry
enjoying homemade applesauce
flipping through fall catalogues
snuggling on the sofa as a family
dunking oreos in milk
unwrapping early birthday packages
listening to the benji boy breathe
uploading photos benji meets the cousins
bundling up for our evening walk
feeling the brisk new autumn air
loving introducing the wee one to the fam

thanks to everyone
who opened their arms
to our babe this weekend.


Hannah said...

Love that picture of your bright-eyed baby!

Ginnie said...

That is one of the sweetest shots. You caught the moment perfectly!

The White House said...

I love whit!! So excited she got to meet him! Can't wait till its my turn! :)

One Love Photo said...

Lovely words to wrap up your special weekend. Love the breathing line and new crisp air. Isn't it something how the seasons creep up on us? and YES you should write a book. Skip your nap and write away.

Anonymous said...

It was so much fun to see you and your beautiful baby, who by the way looks exactly like you! (no wonder he's so beautiful) And who are those darling girls in the picture??!

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