16 September 2008


you've asked me again and again and i knew it would be way too involved for me to attempt a show n' tell. luckily, here is a most fantastic tutorial for photoshopping text onto your own photos. take a peek at such an incredible blog. and have fun adding text galore. (hold onto your hats, it's terribly addicting.)


Annie said...

Thanks! I'm loving these Idaho photos (and your sweet boy shots, too).

p.s. and for those who don't have Photoshop, if you upload your photos to Photobucket they have an edit function where you can write on your photos, too, with lots of font selections and colors. A less fancy option, for sure, but maybe easier for some, too.

Michelle said...

Marta, I wanted to pass this site along to you. http://www.fontifier.com/ I found it via a comment on the notMartha blog and IMMEDIATELY thought of you with that gorgeous handwriting.
Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration despite being a tired new mama.

wunderbug said...

oh dear god. is that cow picking his nose with his tongue?

(sorry... i felt the need to point that out...)

marc said...

Glad you like my blog! Thanks for doing the text + photo project. I hope to see more photos from you in the future.

love.boxes said...

In about a year.. Benji will be spotting these everywhere and saying just that.... "Moo!"

love.boxes said...

Maybe 2.. I forget. :)

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