16 October 2008

i couldn't resist

posting a few favorites. just so i can keep track.

01. since this upcoming very special wedding is in the mountains, i tried on every knitted item in anthro yesterday. (tons on sale. like this complete cutie.) with a very patient mama by my side and a very sleepy boy strolling along, it was a lot of fun. this one and this one were among my faves. i chose adorably girlie over responsible argyle. my mom is the most fun to shop with. she is both brutally honest and fantastically complimentary. and she has the talent to talk you in to anything. even something you don't know that you need, but she knows you'll wear with everything. true true. mama knows best. sometimes school shopping with mom is exactly what a girl needs. even if that girl is not necessarily enrolled. school shopping is an essential step to inaugurate the autumn season.

02. two words: this works. i've searched high and low for a mean cleaning machine. finally i have found it. with a soak or two, you'll be shocked and will say this works like a charm! and then you'll thank your lucky stars because your boy will have clean clothes and your future boy #2 will have a fine and dandy second-hand wardrobe.

03. am loving pouring through this style book. it's not just about isaac and clothes.. it's all about seeking the inner self and discovering your own true style. all beginning with an inspiration board. love that.

04. last but not least, while mom and i fast forwarded through the dvred debate, i cuddled my just outta the bath li'l bundle of love. and there it was. his first true to goodness grin. my little boy totally smiled at me. on purpose. his big blue eyes twinkled and he grinned a big gummy grin and i fell in love. and right then and there he got my vote.


Krista said...

Already smiling?! I was so anxious for that and it took sid at least 3 months to give me one.

KJ said...

gorgeous sweaters. As for the smiles, just wait until bath time brings out the little giggles! You'll just go to pieces! Don't let anyone tell you those smiles are just gas. Really, who smiles at gas?

Travelin'Oma said...

I AM the perfect shopping companion. Stores should pay me a commission.

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