21 October 2008

love is in the details

the blushing bride thought of everything. i especially loved whitney's thoughtful details filling up all the spaces of her wedding day. she is not only a gorgeous girl, but she's a romantic with an artistic flair. her personality was all around, dining among the guests. the thought & care she put into the event was obvious. here are two of my favorite, as she would say, deets from her special day.

whitney rolled up and pinned a love note from the groom to her blooming bouquet. i absolutely loved the idea. so sweet and romantic, something i'd imagine to see at elizabeth & mr. darcy's wedding.

since whit's handwriting is so lovely and unique, we all adore it. it has truly become her trademark. she utilized it in a most creative way. the cake displayed one of her favorite quotes, written in her own distinct cursive. i love thee till the sun grows cold and the stars grow old. it may have been the most delicious wedding cake i've ever tasted... lemon yogurt poppyseed. the handmade guest book was an accordion creation with luscious cotton pages. it made the trip all the way from my favorite bookbinder in the UK to be there that evening.

the details were simple + stunning, creating an evening not soon to be forgotten.


michelle said...

Those are my very favorite roses! Gorgeous with the wheat. I love the love note tucked in the bouquet.

all over the map said...

great deets indeed.
especially her penmanship and her fave quote. aww!

Jessica said...

can we see more of whit's penmanship? I loveeeeeee writing styles. Pretty please, with some sugar on top? How about a "Write like Whit" tutorial? :) She can guest spot on your blog after her honeymoon.

Megan said...

Love the "deets"!
her cake is So perfect. Simple and elegant. I love it.

Nicole Marie said...

love the quote on the bottom of the cake. so unique!

love.boxes said...

love that cake!

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