02 October 2008

rock it.

there are no excuses. i thought maybe i was too late in registering in idaho, but it looks like i still have a day or two. and so do you. hip hip hooray. ladies, we have to vote because we have the right to vote. and how cool is that?!

google has made it dreamily easy to research info about registering in your state. simply enter your home address to get the specifics. click here. and if hollywood celebs are more your style, clicky right here for a motivational video.

vote rock by rae dunn.


The VIPs said...

excellent post

christine said...

Yes there's no excuse for complacency, especially in this years election.

America has a very low voter turnout rate in comparison to the rest of the world--I think its time to improve our statistics.

Daisy said...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for the info. I was being a procrastinator and didn't realize I only had 2 days left. My voter registration is going in the mail this a.m.


KJ said...

just registered myself this week, too. Whew! Was afraid I wouldn't make it!

love.boxes said...

... and then research candidates carefully. Also a responsibility that comes with the right to vote. Great post.

gina bina said...

I love that rock! I've handed on the Kreativ Blogger Award to you. Check it out at www.thebradleeduncans.blogspot.com


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