16 November 2008


to celebrate my li'l one sleeping straight through the night (i've never woken up with so much energy or giddiness), i've updated the shop. new season's greetings tags inside the mini mart. order now, tags will ship out on december 1st. just in time to wrap, tag and dash out to deliver christmas cheer to friends and family far and near.


discourseanddesign said...

I love these!!!
totally working on my holiday gift list, and I can't wait to order these....Beautiful and so elegant and simple.

Nicole Marie said...

how lovely!!

love.boxes said...

I love those.. very sweet. :)

Summer said...

enjoy your newly restored energy and congratulations on your little one's glorious accomplishment!

p.s. your tags have inspired me to get a move on with my christmas gift collecting!

Laura said...

I just found your blog and I love it. The tags are so great. Can I just send my gifts over for you to wrap? That little gift bag is so cute!

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