12 November 2008

the essential baby blanket.

every time i wrap my sweet boy in this darling blanket inevitably some sweet person compliments me and asks me where i got it. i always say, my cute cousin made it for me.. and i luuuuv it. i love it because it's super soft, looks totally hip and is the essential blanket for bundling my baby boy, indoors and out. benj loves it because it's totally warm and cozy and is the perfect size for swaddling on evening walks.

take a peek inside abby's quilt shop,
the benji blanket is now available!

{simply luuuuv the name.}


One Love Photo said...

It is quite perfect. I think I need an adult size one. Love those little eyes peeking over.

{natalie} said...

he looks just like you in that left picture. adorable! the quilt is pretty cute too

The Robinsons said...

I am going crazy that I found you! When I got home from work it was the first thing I told Zach about my day, as it was my most important news! Benj (amin or i?) is so adorable and I love that he is still so brand new! Is he already betrothed or could he marry our little Hannah? Anyway, I am so delighted to have found you! I know months before I had Hannah I ran into Alana and we talked about setting up a dinner, but it never materialized beyond that! I would die of happiness if we could get together and catch up and meet eachother's little ones! We should also email...my email is nicholerose20@hotmail.com...so we can keep in touch that way, or get eachother's digits! Love you to pieces, even after all these years!

Nicole Marie said...

OoOo he looks so comfy and warm! i want to cuddle up with him!

melissa deakin said...

love that blanket and that sweet face popping out.
i just ordered mine.
i'm so excited!

mary said...

oh, such a cute blanket - and such a gorgeous benji! ...and...the mini-journals arrived in today's mail and I am THRILLED - so cute and I know they're just the thing to get the other girls in my life into the journaling habit. thank you!!

Saucy said...

It really is a hip little blankie.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

That blanket is darling!

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