01 November 2008

pretty paperie

calling all bookbinders and paper lovers alike.

papermojo has a fabulous collection of pretty paper. even if you just want to swoon. or maybe daydream about wallpapering your laundry room with japanese cherry blossoms. that is if you had a laundry room. and when i say you, i mean me.


Sarah said...

Every home needs a laundry room (I say whilst sat in my kitchen looking at a spinning washing machine and a few bags full of washing spilling onto the floor...)

That paper is very nice indeed, wish I lived near papermojo (athough I'd probably need an extension on my overdraft, so perhaps its a blessing in disguise!)

--r said...

i'm always glad that window shopping is free. especially when i've already exhausted my crafting budget for the month. fancy-shmancy papers always make me drool. thanks! :)

Whitney said...

I got my mini diaries today - thank you! i love them!

s. said...

oh my goodness! i haven't stopped by in months and just what was i thinking?! every time i visit your blog there are such wonderful things here :) thanks...love the little ghost cookie idea and these papers...love it all! :D

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