24 November 2008

today is a good day.

a huge box of polka dot tissue paper arrived at my door. and i'll be wrapping the mini diaries in it after the holiday. i don't how polka dot tissue paper could make a girl so happy.

am in the midst of crossing everything off my to do list. this rarely happens.

am so glad the snow hasn't stuck yet. strolling with benji is still a daily event.

am looking forward to a month full of exciting new holiday recipes and loads of classic old favorites. already have the whipping cream for mom's rice pudding.

am looking forward to a big road trip, over the river and through the woods to gather 'round the table with loved ones. and to bring my new itty bitty loved one makes everything extra special this year. he is three months old tomorrow. and changing my life completely. i don't know how many times i tell him i love you in a day, but it is more than i can count. the phrase tumbles out effortlessly, again and again.

am looking forward to being together and running from place to place, bundling up the baby, sipping hot cocoa, flipping through books at a used bookshop, going on wilderness hikes, and taking a good break from regular life. staying up late, watching movies and wearing fleece pajamas.

am looking forward to the holidays with eager anticipation. am thinking of lots of simple wreaths in my windows and a little tree of cranberries, twinkle lights, and loopy chains. am thinking it will be a polka dot and lime green gift theme. an early christmas present is arriving soon. and i can hardly wait. i'm not even putting it under the tree.

am looking forward to feeling the real joy of christmas this year. am hoping to truly get into the spirit of things. and will be hoping you'll give me some good ideas. but don't worry, i'm attempting to give thanksgiving it's proper hello as well. it is a glorious family day of love and thankfulness and goodness and deliciousness. plus it's dan's most favorite holiday.

and i have a happy surprise in the works for YOU. i invite you to come back this thanksgiving weekend to celebrate black friday with me. over 40 of my favorite online artisans will be under one roof offering goodies not to be missed. {letterpress, jewelry, bags, toys + gifts galore.} m.writes will be booming full of bargains, so please come and check out the specialty handmade items. doors will open at midnight, so you'll be able to do some online shopping even before you hit the malls at 6 am.


Polly said...

I love thanksgiving too! love setting the table with my rose covered china and I've already polished a little silver..can't wait to taste those candied yams!

southern daze said...

You've summed up my thoughts about the approaching season much more eloquently than I ever could. I, too, am excited with anticipation and can't wait to savor ever second of it!

Gift from us this year will be adorned in red + turquoise and I don't know why but that color combo makes me so very happy! Given I'm a polka dot girl as well, we have some polka dot wrapping paper (in red + white) thrown in for good measure :-)

Looking forward to some fun shopping opportunities from the comfort of my own home come black friday - thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marta! I can't wait to receive my mini diary, and start recording things in it.. I'm so excited! I will visit your blog on Friday, can't wait! :)

Unknown said...

you'll just love the holidays with your new little one. they just make everything more special.

can't wait 'til friday!

katrina lauren said...

i came home at lunch to find a special little parcel on my doorstep!! my mini diaries are here...and they are so perfectly wonderful! the fun details like the polka dot paper, the sweet little card that you place in the package and the stickers on the front of each little journal make them all the more special...i am completely thrilled with them!
i heart my new diaries!!
thanks friend!

Holly said...

i love the way you put words together into sentences, they flow so nicely! you are a great writer. :)

Lizzie said...


I know you've mentioned before that you love Sheryl Crow - just wanted to let you know she has a new Christmas album only available at Hallmark. And it's GREAT. Love your blog!


Kristen said...

OOh excited for Black Friday now!!

Jordan and Jandee said...

Marta! I commented long ago, but haven't lately although I check your blog frequently, I love the way you put things....its like you took the thoughts right out of my mind with this post....I had a baby boy on the same day as you, my first. Isn't it fun to experience each holiday this year in a whole new way? I think I'm seeing things for the first time again as I try to think how it looks to the babe and am all excited about starting new traditions! Thanks for your wonderful optimism!

love.boxes said...

sounds like fun!

Dansie Family said...

hope you had a blast in sun valley. we missed being there, but had fun with all 45 of my family.

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