29 December 2008

enjoy the inbetween

well now where do we begin. i feel like it's been forever. wow. what a christmas. it really was so relaxing, lovely and all around perfect. a merry holiday. hope yours was too. you know you've had a fabulous time when you have no idea what day of the week it is until your husband has to head back to work to face the real world. only until new years day. i like this inbetween stage. it's a way to warm up to the new year.

speaking of warm up, this christmas was christmas of the coats for me. dan surprised me with much needed outerwear; a cute one for looking sunday best and a bomber one for every other day of the week. who says puff can't be chic? i am sure there will be loads of photos of me in my new puff because i'll be wearing it until may, when winter gets warmer.

my crowded cottage has been warmed by so much love. lots of movie watching, orange peeling and baby laughter has been going on. dan got band of brothers, i got dan in real life and benj got baby einstein, so we're all pretty happy lazing in front of the tube. when santa brought neil diamond in concert, he should have wrapped it in caution tape. i should have known neil would be staying for christmas brunch. yet his enthusiasm and florescently yellow shiny shirt with huge lapels only enhanced the flavor of our french coconut cinnamon toast.

and of course we bundled up for the annual christmas winter walk. i could hardly grumble seeing the gleam in dan's eye. i guess it's a tradition, even if it's snowstorming, especially if it's snowstorming outside. hmmm, no wonder i got a coat. santa is one smart cookie.

speaking of cookies, i am hauling them out. or at least freezing all of them. cleaning off my refrigerator doors, filing all the contents of my junk piles, throwing out all the expired coupons and bad pens, and getting serious about organization. no more random crap will be filling this house. i'm not going to be too sentimental this time around, i'm going to be cut throat. i'm feeling the '09 bearing down on me, so i have a new to do list: project clean house. this inbetween stage is there for a reason, must cleanse the palate and get of rid the old, the broken, the moldy, the rotten, the outdated, the i'm sick of looking at this, (mainly it's just piles of paper) before the new year (new to do lists, new magazines, new projects, new goals, new ideas..) come riding in. seriously i can't wait for the new year, though this has been a great one. i just love a fresh start, don't you? come back soon, i have a magazine review in the wings.

happy inbetween days.


Jessie said...

And happy inbetween to you!

Petit Elefant said...

band of brothers is the best! just be sure to turn the heat up while you watch them in normandy; i had sympathy freezingness watching them...

Who Sees the Seven said...

Wow, it's like you popped in my head for that last paragraph. I am also a paper addict/collector. I blame it on being a graphic designer and our NEED for paper when it is that combined with pack-rat tendencies. "Be less sentimental". I need to heed that advice. I can't help it, I love keeping cards from people! If you have any tips, keep me posted!

Dawn said...

i love that you love neil diamond as much as i do.
it makes me heart smile

KJ said...

Band of Brothers is a fave of my hubby (It's too painful for me to watch). And I just have this to say: Compulsive Listers Unite! I've nibbled on my Real Simple a few times and have been waiting to devour it until this weekend, when hopefully all of my own cleaning and purging will be done!

Karmen Mannella said...

I would love if you would post your recipe for the French Cinnamon Coconut Toast -- sounds yummy!
Happy New Year - looking forward to your surprises!

summer said...

the "inbetween days"
why have I never thought of that title before? that's exactly what they are! how pertinent! I love when obscure things in my life suddenly become defined, clarified, & meaningful. This is a perfect example. thanks, marta!

loved hearing your Christmas 2008 story & admire your christmas walk tradition.

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