04 December 2008

my boy.

my boy

does the best stretch. i unwrap him from his beloved swaddling blanket and he reaches his arms up, balls his tiny hands into fists and arches his back and raises his eyebrows just so. stretching out. it gets me everytime.

loves being rocked to sleep. he'll fight it with these adoring wide eyes, attempting to fool his mama, hey i'm up, i'm not tired. but mama knows best, so i swaddle him up and rock him and he's out in two seconds. i love that his eyes look big even when they're closed. and his eyelashes. i could sit and count them forever. i've read these books that say don't rock your baby to sleep, but when he's this irresistible, i just can't resist. so i hold him as long as i like.

watches his dad with marvel. when his papa enters the room benji's eyes are like magnets, glued to his every move. it's adorable.

coos so much it's a tiny giggle. i don't think i've ever laughed so much.

twiddles his fingers. like a little scientist hatching a plan, he watches his hands and twirls them about and sometimes finds them in his mouth and gnaws on them. he is already an entertainer.

smiles readily. even when i'm not looking. i'll be making the bed or grabbing my keys or frying up some bacon, and i'll look at him and catch the tail end of a big benji grin. he's such a happy boy. children seem to find happiness in the little things. like the view of his own fingernails.

is camera shy. whenever i whip out the camera to catch one of these big benji grins, he sees the mechanism and goes stone faced. it's pretty hilarious. i'll make him laugh and try to click my camera simultaneously, but he won't let up. he's just like his dad, doesn't want to behave when i'm in shutterbug mode.

has a face that makes me wish i were Rembrandt. i used to take a painting class and spent all my time sketching ordinary apples, oranges and odd things like gas lanterns and animal skulls, objects with shadow and light. now i'd like to study my baby's face for hours and paint it's creamy texture, match his perfect peach hue, sketch the sweet twinkle in his eye and attempt to light it up with his glow.
he illuminates my life.

image by me. letterpress cards by charming elise. (i love them. thank you.) if anyone wants to be benji's penpal, he has some seriously fancy cards for correspondence.


Travelin'Oma said...

This is poetry. Never for one second doubt that you are a writer. You communicate feelings and observations in a way that your readers feel we've looked into your heart. Love it.

s zuklich said...

beautiful, just beautiful. how old is the baybee?

Anonymous said...

lucky lucky benji.

anne said...

adorable! love it!

Jake said...

Precious. You've expressed those new mom feelings so perfectly!

EliseBlaha said...

so happy to see the cards safe and sound. such a sweet post.

Cass said...

the stretching? ... my 2 month old Henry does exactly the same.
and it's one of my favorite sights in the world right now. gets me every time.

One Love Photo said...

so stinking sweet. you really are my biggest baby influence at the moment. you are helping me consider such things. well, you and my dad who loves to beg. i love your words, so much. thank you!

summer said...

I can't even imagine how overjoyed I would be if I found out that my mom had written about me when I was a few months old, I would treasure that forever.

You have truly captured some lovely memories with your beautiful words.

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